Today Parker went on a field trip and here is what he says:

Today I went on a fun field trip to Sycamore Grove. We also found out what groups we were going to be in. All my friends were in one group except for me. There was one space left for me but somebody else was with them. When we left on our trip my group played some fun road games like Fireball (like Cowboy).

Once we finally got there we got out of the car and we saw our ranger that was going to guide us through. Another ranger came when we all were together. We talked about the water and what we will do when we’re near the water. When we walked down to the water we saw a big pile of poop. I’m guessing it wasn’t from a dog because it was way too big!

Once we got to the water we were experimenting with it. (The water not the poop!) First we were going to find out the temperature. One of the rangers picked two volunteers to put the thermometers in the water. One in a sunny spot and the other in a shady spot. He said it takes 22 minutes to change the temperature. My friend thought that was a very long time but I didn’t.

Next we were going to do the like how clean it is. We got these little tubes. He picked me to do it. But when I was going over there I slipped because I thought all of the algae was part of the ground so I stepped inside of the water. Once I actually did find a spot to dip the testing tube in the water I brang it back so I could see what it was like. But when he actually found how clean it was he picked someone else because I accidentally got dirt in it which affected how clean the water was. I felt ashamed.

So next we were going to do the PH scale. I’m guessing you don’t know what the PH scale is. It’s basically all the particles in the water like how strong the water is. The water may look clean and stuff but when you PH scale it it may be vinegar! Because they look familiar. Like they look the same. And that could be really really bad. We PH scaled it and it was like 6.5.

So then after that we moved on to just the eye view of how clear it is. We got more testing tubes and we dipped it in the water and we brought it back to the table. We were looking around and seeing how clear it was. We actually smelled it to see how clear it was. The sunny spot had a little bit of a smell. But the shady spot had a strong smell. Then I didn’t really pay attention. I was looking out in the water with my friend. At some points I didn’t really know what we were doing.

After that we met up with another group and another part of the class. We met up together. I was behind in the line so I didn’t know what we were doing at first. So then I saw people picking up nets. Then I just remembered oh yeah, you have to catch bugs! So I jumped into the water and we caught as many bugs as we could. I didn’t get any bugs at all for the first 10-15 minutes. But then my friend showed me like this little area where there’s lots of plants and stuff. That’s where the bugs hang out! They were super jumpy.

Then when I was trying to catch some more bugs in different areas I saw someone catch a bug and he said to show the rangers. I was like you have to show the rangers the bugs! I just caught a bunch of bugs and then put them back in the water! So basically I just gave up showing the rangers because one of them said you have to show us different kinds of bugs. But people were showing them the same bugs I found so I just gave up.

After that I just walked around a little. I went over to where the rapids were. I was still trying to catch stuff. I put my net on the little stick that fell off that makes like big rapids. The rapids went so fast that the little net could stick onto the stick. But that wasn’t a good idea because it went under the stick and it started to float away. I went around the stick to try to get it but the water went super duper deep. It was like stomach high and I was only supposed to go to my knees. And we had to go back to meet again and the water was moving super duper fast so I almost floated away. Then I held onto the stick so I didn’t float away. And I tried to go the other way but it was super hard because of all of the rapids. I thought I was going to fall on my back.

It felt like an adventure back there. Like on of those dramatic movies. And once we met up together again we were going to show our results for all the tests and stuff. There was like this huge tube and the tube had little markings. The red on the bottom meant that the water was not healthy at all. The yellow meant it was okay. The light blue meant it was good. The dark blue it was so good there could be fluffy clouds and unicorns frolicking on top of it! (These are direct quotes! I am not making this stuff up!)

After that we left. Once we got back to the school we were like super late. We should have arrived at 1:00 but we arrived at 2:00. I even saw my mom’s van in the parking lot because she tutors on Mondays. So we had our lunch in the classroom and we didn’t have play time because we pretty much played the whole day. After that we were reading a book and the book was called Poppy. It’s a pretty good book but I don’t want to get carried away talking about it. And then we were going to do our little summaries of a couple of chapters we have read. In the middle of that I looked at the time and it was already 2:55 and my school leaves at 3:00! It seemed like we left school early because of how quickly our day went. It was fun. Now to hand it back to Mother!

Oh my goodness! That kid cracks me up! My fingers were flying as I typed his verbiage. He’s nuts. And he’s so proud of himself too. He is watching me type this so it’s not that much fun. He typed the very first line hunt and peck style. It took him several minutes so he asked if I was busy because he had an idea. He asked me to type for him. I think we got a much better story this way!