The greatest joy in Heath’s life is to surprise me. Surprising me with roses is the best.

Friday night we took Gwen to Costco with us. When we walked past the floral section, Heath stopped to admire the pretty bouquets. I commented on the many pretty colors of one bouquet. The next thing I knew he had picked up the bouquet to buy! I was very surprised and excited. Gwen could barely breathe she was gasping and sighing so much.


I put them in the center of the table for a lovely display. Gwen knows they are my flowers and not hers. She was pretty jealous at first even when I said we could enjoy them together. I wonder what it does to her heart to know her dad bought roses for her mom for no reason other than he loves her. Gwen kept telling me how lucky I was because I was the queen. She wanted to be the princess of the flowers.

The next morning we were doing a little yard work. Unfortunately our lawn mower is a very large paperweight now, but that’s another story. Heath was dead heading the flowers and Parker was using the shovel to dig up weeds. Gwen was throwing the dead heads in the green waste as Heath cut them. He pointed out one lily that was ready to bloom. I told him to cut it for Gwen. She was thrilled!


Heath found three perfect buds for Gwen. She helped me find a vase that could hold all three. The bud vase only held one. She was so excited to have her very own flowers to watch bloom. She was in and out of the living room constantly all weekend checking to see if the flowers needed more water or if they had opened up yet. They are starting to open today and they are the prettiest flowers we have ever grown in our yard. There aren’t even any bugs inside!

There is something about flowers that rejuvenate the female heart. The flowers are so pretty. Flowers make us feel so beautiful because someone gave them to us out of love. I wanted Gwen to know that feeling for herself. She needed her own flowers.

One day someone will surprise Gwen with flowers. Hopefully when that day comes she will feel as special as she did the day her daddy cut for her three perfect lilies from the yard.