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A blood moon is a lunar tetrad or four total consecutive lunar eclipses. Apparently it’s a big deal to some religious observers. The fact that we had one just before Easter on April 4th was a very big deal. There are prophecies in the Bible about blood moons.

I’m not concerned that the world is ending. I just think these events are really cool. In May of 2012 we were able to experience a solar eclipse. I don’t think I ever did get around to blogging about it. I think I was going to put the pictures into a video. Videos take a long time and I had little babies.


Look how little my kids are! Gwen is this chubby little thing running down the street trying to keep up with her boys and Avery, the neighbor girl.


I think we originally set up the tripod in the backyard. There were too many shadows so we moved to the front yard. Look how big the sun is. There isn’t much of an eclipse yet.


Then we set up in the front yard with a pizza box. It became a neighborhood party in our front yard. The rest of the neighbors were watching the eclipse with small boxes the kids made at school. They loved our setup much better. We didn’t have to squint as much. It was really cool watching the eclipse take place on a piece of foam core board. There have been several eclipses since then. The kids were able to watch one at school not too long ago.

A couple days before Easter this year, Heath got a text from Jeff wondering if Heath was going to watch the blood moon. I will admit Heath hesitated at first. In order to see a blood moon you have to get up in the wee hours of the morning. He wasn’t so sure he really wanted to on his only day off!

I talked him into it. It’s easy to live vicariously through other people. My sister calls me the devil because I convince her to buy things she wants but doesn’t need. Maybe I am the devil. If being the devil means I can sleep in and see cool pictures later, I’m all for it!

Heath probably would have decided to go on his own but I like to take credit for my contribution. I just told him he hasn’t used his telescope in a very long time and the Ward members know he loves watching the heavens. He had a friend inviting him to see an amazing heavenly event. He should go. Well he told me that he wouldn’t need a telescope and that I had convinced him to go. I’m such a good wife.

The boys were also invited. They were told that they would have to get up really early in the morning. They both were thrilled at the prospect of seeing the blood moon. They were told they could change their mind at the last minute. If their dad came in to wake them up and they didn’t feel like it, they could say no and go back to sleep. I assumed at least Parker would bail.

Saturday morning came and I didn’t even hear Heath’s alarm. I’m glad because he charges his phone across the room so when the alarm goes off to wake him up, I’m up too. He didn’t sleep well and actually woke up about ten minutes before the alarm was to go off. So he took care of it before it woke me up. I did hear him go in to wake up the boys. Then he came into the room with a red headlamp on that shone right in my eyes. I was less than impressed. Soon enough the house was quiet again and I sunk back into a blissful sleep.


While I was sleeping these amazing images were captured.


Two men and two boys were standing in the middle of the football field at the park staring up into the sky at the red moon. They were cold and spoke in hushed tones so as not to break the magic of the moment. It was a great bonding experience for all of them.

Jeff drove everyone home. We live so close to the park but he didn’t want them to have to walk in the cold carrying camp chairs and a tripod and camera. Since he drove into the park it was a long car ride home. We live at the far end of the park. There is only one way in and one way out. I’m sure the boys appreciated the time it took to drive to the park’s exit at the opposite end and then all the way back down the street. The car must have been toasty warm by the time they got home.

Not surprisingly, nobody was tired when they got home. They watched TV which woke me up. The TV was quiet but they were noisy while they laughed and talked. Heath apologized to me later. He said they had to do something to kill time before the bagel shop opened for the day at 6:00 am! They ate at the bagel shop and then bought bagels to surprise me and Gwen with when we finally woke up.


Parker slept in the chair for the next couple hours. Gavin slept through most of the morning session of General Conference. My poor tired boys. They all agree it was worth it.