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The Gavinator is not to be confused with Parker the superhero who wears his underwear on the outside of his costume. Parker cracks me up! That boy missed his brother so much today. Gavin was at a scout campout so Parker had to fight crime alone.

The scout campout was an overnight deal at Pinnacles National Park. They did a quick pack check on Wednesday for the scout activity. Since it was so quick Heath took Gavin out to REI afterwards to buy him a tent. As much fun as it would be to set up a 6 man tent, I think that’s a little more tent than an 11 year old needs for an overnight campout! REI was having a great tent sale so Gavin was able to get his 2 man tent for $100. Heath’s reward points helped knock down the price.


Gavin practiced setting it up in the front room that night. Gwen was mad that she couldn’t play in the tent! I love how Armless Amy snuck her way over there too. She has no arms or legs, I’m not sure how she was planning on getting into the tent. Silly dress form.

This is the second time Gavin has gone away from us. We all survived his absence. We feel nervous for him and miss him like crazy. Gavin never gets nervous. He wasn’t too nervous for his first campout. At least he said he wasn’t nervous and he seemed to be telling the truth. When I asked him this time if he was nervous he looked at me like I had made the stupidest suggestion of all time. The kid was fine. He’s fearless I guess.

He had a great time with his friends and passed off a ton of stuff that would be difficult to pass off otherwise. I do like Boy Scouts so much better than Cub Scouts!

This week was his first Track Meet. There was no school on Monday. Tuesday Track practice was cancelled due to weather. We finally got some rain which was awesome. But it mostly fell at night. Thunderstorms were forecast throughout the day but there was never even any rain. Coach Tony didn’t want to take any chances though. He emailed the parents telling them Track was cancelled for the afternoon and he apologized for the inconvenience.

Holy that was an inconvenient day! My afternoon was chuck full. The whole day was really. I took kids to school, got myself ready for the day, bought a vase full of flowers for my nurse because her father passed away and I know how crappy that feels. I came home to eat lunch before driving out to see her. An hour later I had enough time to drive home and have a few minutes to stare at the walls before picking up kids. I picked up Gwen and Parker, then rushed over to the middle school to pick up Gavin. He didn’t have a bus ticket since it was a Track practice day.

Heath did say Gavin should just walk home from school. That made me nervous only because Track was cancelled due to the possibility of thunderstorms. And I was going to let him walk home in that? It didn’t seem like a good idea. I couldn’t take my chances so I picked him up. Then I went back toward the elementary school to pick up Dylan for Cub Scouts. Eventually that day was over!

On Wednesday Gavin got his Track uniform. He said the shorts were really short! I had a flashback of my brother in his running uniform. The shorts were short. Then I thought of all my crazy friends who run marathons all the time. They’re girls but their shorts are pretty short. It must be a runner’s thing. Thursday was the Track Meet.

Gavin looked pretty comical in his uniform. He ordered an adult small jersey, a tank top with the school’s name on it. The coaches ordered the shorts for the kids. I don’t remember choosing the size for the shorts. Anyway, those were a youth large. His tank top ended about where his shorts ended. He also put the tank top over his t-shirt. Some kids did that and some didn’t. I think Gavin didn’t know what else to do. He is very modest and has always worn t-shirts.

Avalon is the 6th grade team captain and is in our ward. She looked adorable in her Track uniform. I overheard her saying that she has never worn anything so immodest in her life! A tiny little tank top and shorts that barely cover her butt is a pretty immodest uniform for a Mormon girl.

Gavin kept touching the hem of his tank top like he was really self-conscious. It looked ridiculous anyway. I saw that most of the kids tucked their jerseys into their shorts. So I suggested Gavin do the same. We need to have a conversation about taking pride in one’s appearance. He tucked it in alright but there was a nice big roll under his shorts just under the waistband. I’m not sure which looked worse, tucked or untucked!

There were probably about four or five middle schools at the Track Meet. Of those schools, three were represented by kids in our ward. Lizzie goes to one school, Rachel goes to another. Actually she goes to the school that hosted the Meet. Rachel’s dad is Gavin’s Scout leader. He said she just barely decided to join Track that week! She wore her gym clothes to the Meet. And of course Gavin and Avalon go to the same school. It was crazy to see some of the kids all grown up. One girl, Aoife, was in Gavin’s first grade class. She was all grown up and beautiful.

The Track Meet was interesting. Nobody had any idea what was going on. Not even the coaches! It was a little disorganized and unconventional. The kids mostly ran on the grass. Something about that school’s track isn’t long enough or something. There was no long jump. I don’t know if there ever will be. Coach Tony graduated from the same high school Gavin will go to. He was a long jump legend there. Shot-put was replaced by tossing a medicine ball. The discus looked so much like a pickup Frisbee game I didn’t even realize it was a Track event for quite some time!

It was set up that there was always two events going on at once. The kids were supposed to pick one and participate. I saw a lot of kids standing around and wandering around aimlessly. In their defense the instructions were not well known. People mostly figured it out as the afternoon went on. I also saw an inordinate amount of kids leave early. We’re talking after the first event or two families were packing it up and walking out. I wonder if the first Meet is kind of a weed out event. Who really is serious about Track? Gavin’s team was specifically told not to leave Meets early. Most of those early quitters were from Gavin’s team. Hmm.

Gavin did his best and ran his heart out. He is not the fastest nor is he the slowest. But he obviously tries his best. I was feeling bad for him during the relay race. It was the first race I saw him run in and he was dead last. He was running his guts out and pushing himself as hard as he could. I thought maybe his best just isn’t good enough. Then Heath told me later that Gavin was the last kid to be passed the baton. He was close to passing a kid but never quite made it. I am extremely impressed with his performance now that I know he was the last kid to receive the baton! He kicked butt!

That race was run around the field. Gavin ran from one backstop to another. I was with Gwen and Parker at the backstop Gavin was running to. Heath was at the first backstop taking pictures. It is clear in the pictures that Gavin was the last kid to get passed to.

He also ran a race where he was with a bunch of 8th graders. I’m not sure how that miscommunication took place. Gavin did his best but he kind of ran a solo way behind the boys who look like men. A couple weeks before Track started I saw some kids running. I told Gavin that they probably ran for the high school. “No they don’t! Those kids go to my school!” I felt foolish. Some of those kids cannot be 8th graders though. They seriously look like hairy middle aged men.

It was a fun Meet. Although I did not enjoy having Gwen and Parker there. I babysat my own children for several races. Then I decided to move closer to the action hoping to see Gavin run. That’s when I saw Heath and Robert so I hung out with them. Apparently Gwen and Parker fought like crazy. They were supposed to be sitting on camp chairs reading their books. They engaged in territory wars as they touched each other’s chairs. So annoying! Unfortunately they are the two kids I can’t trust home alone right now. The house might literally burn down in a long parental absence. They are such Frenemies.

Heath took so many pictures that I decided to make a music video. I haven’t done that in such a long time. I’m really bummed though. I got it done very quickly and it was absolutely perfect. The transitions were perfect and the timing couldn’t have been better if I had planned it myself! Then Moviemaker crashed. I lost the whole thing. The second attempt took longer and is nowhere near as good. *sigh* It’s not bad. It’s just not great.