Heath left for work about the same time I got into the shower this morning. By the time I got out he was back home. He said he forgot his phone and there is little he can do without it. Between church and work, the phone is pretty indispensible.

About an hour later I was halfway done braiding Gwen’s hair when I heard a text come through. When I finished her hair we had the following conversation.

Heath: I just freaked the heck out of my phone screen. Today is not a good day.
Me: Freaked it out? What happened?
Heath: Breaker, the screen shattered when it feel out of my hand

Typos are to be expected when a phone has been dropped onto a San Francisco sidewalk.


The phablet is no longer very fabulous. He did come home with a new phone. The texts on the way home were much more clear and spelled correctly.

I just got an email from Fitbit. That reminds me that Heath lost his Fitbit last Thursday. It must have come out of his pocket in the BART parking lot based on the updates on his phone. He did contact Fitbit to get a replacement sent. Poor Heath. He’s been very unlucky lately. His misfortune meant I was the step winner of the week! Maybe that’s not worth celebrating though.