It is with bittersweet feelings that the last day of Spring Break has come and gone. The boys slept in for the last time, rolling into the kitchen sometime after 9:00. Gwen woke up at 7:00. At least that one is ready. I let her watch TV while I read my new book Amazed by Grace by Sheri Dew. Excellent and quick read. That will go in my stack of talks on the Atonement to be reread frequently.

The kids have taken advantage of my laziness by watching more TV than they have earned the right to. I figure it’s ok to bend the rules on vacation. Gwen reminds me so much of Parker at the same age. He used to wake up early and sneak downstairs to watch TV very quietly until everyone finally emerged from their cocoons for the day. Occasionally he still does it on weekends. I go downstairs to eat something and am always surprised to see the TV on after I have been down there for some time. He keeps the sound so low that I can’t even hear it in the kitchen! Now it’s Gwen’s turn to indulge in the solitude of early morning cartoons.

Once we were all finally up I had Gwen turn off the TV. It was time to return to the rules of screen time. The kids all swore they would only eat meals today and no snacks. They have stayed true to their word. As a result they polished off their dinner plates easily and almost seemed ready for more. I had them put their Easter candy in baggies so we could put away all the eggs and baskets. I had to tease Gwen and Parker by writing my name on their bags too.

On Gwen’s I wrote: Gwen or Mom since Gwen said she won’t eat candy again for 24 years!
That is a true story. How she came up with a random 24 year sentence I don’t know but it’s pretty funny. When she read what I wrote she did her patented angry stance. Fists balled up at the end of stiff arms desperately trying to smother the smile threatening to break through her exaggerated frown. The other day she did that and said she was trying to make steam come out her ears! I am not making this stuff up! She honestly thought she could which was the best part.

On Parker’s I wrote: Parker or Mom because he can’t keep it down!
He handled his ribbing with much more humor than Gwen did.

As I scrubbed dishes, swept and vacuumed, I was really tempted to steal some of “my” candy. My conscience is clear. I did not eat any candy. Just a lot of peanuts.

The boys eagerly cleaned bathrooms after cleaning their bedroom. Parker was happy to vacuum the stairs. The house was sparkly by 11:00. Gwen was still in her room not cleaning. The longer the day wore on the more she played. When she wasn’t playing she was acting like I was a prison warden and she was being punished in solitary confinement. Ah, things are almost back to normal! I think I am ready for school to start tomorrow.

Parker ran from activity to activity. He was walking the fine line between boredom and anticipation of returning to a schedule. Gavin was pretty content doing his own thing all day. I barely saw him. I was busy scrapbooking. It was all about him in second grade so I felt like I saw him!

Eventually I let the boys ride their bikes to the park because they were tired of patiently waiting for Gwen to ever be ready to go. I scrapbooked some more. Gwen threw a fit.

It’s been really cool to scrapbook this week. It’s been forever since I did anything like that and it was really fun to go back in time. My kids were so adorable. They are growing up to be such fun people. We have had a great time together this week. Playing games, going to the park, laughing together, doing puzzles … I feel like I can talk to them as peers.

On Friday Gwen asked if we could go to the park. She suggested that we walk so I could get the extra steps on my Fitbit. That is really sweet! Every day they all told me I was the best mom and thanked me for the fun we had. It kind of struck me when I saw a picture or Gavin in first grade next to his Unique of the Week poster. The first line said, “Gavin loves his mom.” Oh! Melt my heart! I love my kids.

Tomorrow is going to hurt knowing we all have to get up at 7:00 and be ready by 8:00. I have to go back to making multiple trips to the school every day. I have an appointment to see my nurse tomorrow too. Ugh! Reality! Homework will replace the fun conversations we have had. Gavin has his first Track Meet this Thursday. We’re hitting the ground running for sure. It’s a good thing. I’m ready for them to go back to school and I want to hold them close never letting them go all at the same time.

How many more weeks until summer?