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It’s so nice when plans come together. Before Spring Break started I asked the kids what they wanted to do. They didn’t really have any plans. I suggested that one day we walk to Mr. Pickles, eat in the park, then walk home. They loved the idea.

My blood sugars have been giving me a hard time lately. I have become very insulin resistant in the middle of the day which is really hard when everyone is home. The other day Heath was feeling well enough and his 11:30 meeting was canceled. So we did a McDonald’s run before his 12:00 meeting. It just sounded good. I knew I shouldn’t eat that much for lunch but I kind of didn’t care.

Incidentally, Gavin and I had this conversation.

Me: Gavin, we’re running to McDonald’s for lunch. I know you’re morally opposed to it …
Gavin: I am morally opposed to it.
Me: Well, what do you want for lunch then?
Gavin: I don’t know. I’ll find something here.

He fixed himself some lunch after we cleared out the offending food. I love that kid! He is too funny.

When Heath kept working from home I wasn’t interested in taking the kids out for lunch. It also didn’t seem like a great idea when those sandwiches kill my blood sugar on a good day. But Heath went to work today and my blood sugar was in the perfect range by mid morning. I thought we could try it.

We walked really fast to get our food. I made the kids walk the long way around the back of the park. They didn’t have a problem with that. We had fun walking and talking. We took our food to the picnic tables by the playground. I love how hungry they all thought they were in the sandwich shop. Parker asked if we would get chips too because he found his favorite chips. I told him that a sandwich and a soda would be enough for him. If he was still hungry he could eat more when we got home.

Gwen had a kids meal. Those are big sandwiches. She ate 3/4 of it because I made her eat half of the second half. She did finish her juice box and her applesauce. Gavin easily finished his sandwich. He was satisfied but not overly full. I let him eat my cookie since I knew I wouldn’t need it. Parker had a hard time eating his sandwich because he chose a sour dough roll. The crust was hard for him to bite through. Then he was full after eating the first half. I made him eat half of his second half as well. These are not cheap sandwiches and there was no way to save them until we got home. Parker kind of rolled to the playground. 

The kids had fun running around doing their kid thing. This is the same playground they rode their bikes to yesterday while I did laundry. Gwen was excited to have gone to the same playground three days in a row. We were there for maybe ten minutes alone before we saw a young mom and her two little boys. Gwen’s eyes immediately lit up.

Gwen: I’m going to go make friends with them.

And off she went to do just that. I love that girl. She doesn’t care who it is, if it’s a person willing to listen to her she will be their new best friend. She had those boys eating out of the palm of her hand. She was not bossy. She got on their level and pushed their imaginations just beyond their boundaries. Enough that those boys had so much fun following her around playing. It was the most adorable thing to watch. The mom was so impressed saying my kids were so sweet. I do have good kids. It was really fun watching all three of them have fun with two brothers ages 4 and 2.


I hated to break up the party. But I needed to keep walking so my blood sugar had a chance for normalcy. Plus, I had some turkey defrosting on the counter. I needed to get home to start taco soup. So after an hour the kids had to say goodbye to their friends.

My plan was to walk to the back of the park and follow the sidewalk all the way around to the front. Basically I wanted to get my full walk in and not cut any corners. It was a great idea in my head. The kids were fine walking around to the front of the park via the scenic route. Then they kind of pooped out on me.

Suddenly it felt like I was the one with the 4 and 2 year old. When the kids were tiny I used to put the boys on their bikes and push Gwen in her stroller. I made them ride to the playground in the middle of the park. It was hard to get them home because they were so tired. When we got home Gwen and Parker would nap. Today I felt like I was dragging Gwen and constantly stopping to wait for Parker. They’re watching a movie now but so far no one has fallen asleep. *snap*

My blood sugar is higher than I was hoping but considering the indulgent lunch I fed myself I’m not too surprised. I’ll go back to eating nothing more than a bowl of veggies next week. It was a fun afternoon. I have no regrets. Especially when the kids keep saying I’m the best mom ever. Flattery is always appreciated.

Update: Parker-asleepI caught a picture just a couple minutes before he woke up. *sigh*