The only problem with being sick on vacation days is you’re sick on vacation days. Gwen and Heath decided to let their seasonal allergies turn into colds. Gwen is young so she still plays as hard as ever and is relatively unbothered by her coughing. Until she sees cough drops. Then she thinks she needs one.

Heath stayed home yesterday because he felt yucky. He is home again today but is actively working. Yesterday he got on the phone for a couple meetings and that was about it. Tomorrow he was already scheduled to be home because of an early morning phone meeting. I love having him home but it really changes my schedule. I don’t know why but it does.

My thoughts were preoccupied with another issue yesterday which was taking a lot of time away from my kids. I can’t multitask. I can’t stress over problems I have created for myself and play with my kids at the same time! I did take Gwen and Parker to the library to get Gwen a library card.

She has to prove she has a card as part of her reading contract for the A’s Game. The boys both got library cards as part of a field trip before they got to first grade. I want to say Gavin did it in the summer preschool class he took but maybe he really got it in kindergarten. Either way, Heath was there with both boys and their classes to get their very own library cards.

Gwen’s kindergarten class only did a walking field trip to the mailbox to mail a Valentine to their family. The teachers all say they don’t have any money for field trips. Charging families and making families carpool to the field trips like they always do apparently isn’t enough money for these field trips. At least the first graders are still doing the A’s Game. Heath loves that field trip. Gwen is so excited.

I got her a library card and we looked for some books to check out. Parker used the computer to look up the Dragon in the Sock Drawer series again. He checked out the first book in the series on his card. Gwen is into the Magic Treehouse books. She reads chapter books pretty quickly so I let her get three books. Then she said she saw some Lego Friends books so I let her get both of those. They are too easy for her but it will be fun for her to read since we’re going to Legoland soon.

I had looked forward to Spring Break to do nothing. It made me feel bad yesterday that we really were doing absolutely nothing. I suggested we work on a puzzle or something. The kids really wanted to play a game. They couldn’t remember how to play Doctor Who Yahtzee. There are characters on the die instead of numbered dots so the directions didn’t even jog my memory of the game. I pulled out the Skip-Bo cards and we played several rounds. Gwen had never played before and actually picked up on it quickly. That was a lot of fun.

We also planned out our meals for our trip to Legoland and Disneyland. It’s going to be such a fun trip! We can’t wait.

hangingThis afternoon the kids and I went on a bike ride. We rode through the park to the playground furthest away. They played there for about an hour before we rode back home. Parker was playing on the bars. I helped him hook his legs around the bar so he could hang upside down. He loved it.

Gwen did not love it when I picked her up and placed her over the bar. Parker held her legs and I held her hands and torso as I lowered her to a hanging upside down position. She screamed bloody murder. The whole time. That girl is no fun at all. So I had to pick her up off the bar. She didn’t do much playing after that. Just kept her head in my lap while I stroked her back. Meanwhile Gavin kept running in circles on the grass around the playground counting laps as he went. He was bummed nobody really wanted to run laps with him. Parker did run a couple races with him but that was it.

When we got home we had a nail painting party and now Gwen is scrapbooking. Parker hides up in his room all day. He’s either wasting time playing games on his Kindle or he’s playing with Legos. He built a huge house. It looked like a multicolored secret government bunker. It was cool and he was very proud of it. Gavin has been working on making his own app all day.

I shouldn’t let the boys sit in front of computer screens all day but I’m lazy and they’re on vacation. Gavin has run two mornings in a row already. Yesterday he learned to eat breakfast first. Today I reminded him (again) to warm up first and cool down afterwards and to drink water! Maybe by the time he goes back to school he will learn how to run on his own.

When we were at the park I was asking him where he runs in the park. Even though I told him to follow the sidewalk along the very outside edges of the park to get 2.75 miles it didn’t sound like that’s what he was doing. It sounded like he basically runs around one loop and not the whole park. *sigh*

Ah vacation! How I love the laziness it encourages.