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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to run. Run for money, run for fun, run for the t-shirt. Just run. Eat, sleep, run, repeat.


Gavin worked his butt off to earn a t-shirt. He ran every school day this month and all he got was a lousy t-shirt. Oh but he earned it. He loved every second of earning that shirt and now that shirt means something. He ran more than 20 miles this month because of Track. Some days he ran nearly five miles between Mile March Madness and Track. That is impressive. I still can’t run so Gavin is my hero.

Many kids started but few finished the race. Gavin would tell us almost daily that more and more kids dropped out. We don’t know how many kids actually finished and earned the shirt. He guesses about 100. This was an activity offered to the entire school. All 6th, 7th, and 8th graders could participate in their respective gym classes. My boy was one of the 100 or so that actually endured to the end! It’s pretty cool.

I think it was Wednesday night we were talking about how lots of kids had dropped out of the race. We joked that at that point it would be stupid to not just finish. Who can’t run for two more days? I said something about how Gavin better have some horrible disease if he wanted to quit two days before it was over.

Gavin: Don’t jinx it Mom!

It got in my head. I was driving somewhere and imagined some freak accident on the road to nowhere that prevented me from getting the kids to school. Luckily nothing like that happened. Gavin was up until 11:00 last night finishing homework. Yeah I sent a concerned note to his teacher. She got the second draft because I was much nicer then. And poor Gavin had to talk to her at lunch. I feel bad about that but this woman is insane with the busywork she assigns claiming the kids will get class time to finish it and then the sub never gives class time. Anyway, it’s a whole piquant thing. Gavin was up late but he managed to drag himself out of bed for one last day of school.

Parker was up till 9:30 finishing homework. He led me to believe he had all his work done so he could go to basketball with his dad last night. When he got home he realized he still had to study for a science test and type something up. I’m not happy. There will be consequences. Please let there be basketball games during Spring Break! It would be the perfect love and logic consequence to have to miss those games. On school nights he can only stay till 8:30. Basically one game. If there is no school on Friday he can stay for all the games and come home sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 pm. But not when he forgets homework.

Gwen wasn’t up any later than usual. She likes to let me know when she can’t sleep by coming out of her room and announcing she can’t sleep. She comes up with crazy excuses and wild stories. It’s been extra hard for her lately because it’s been so hot. Her room gets really stuffy and since she’s a girl in the front of the house she will never be allowed to open her window at night. I put a fan in her room last night that helped stir up the air.

Heath always comes home late on basketball nights all sweaty and tired. He works from home every Friday because when he wakes up he whines that his eyelashes hurt. Having him home for the day and knowing the kids didn’t get enough sleep makes me really not want to get out of bed. But we did it. I feel like I have earned Spring Break.

Oh but the kids are champs. Gwen and Parker had their Fun Run today. The forecast was sunny and hot. Parker ran at 8:40 this morning. It was already 60 degrees. I did a drive by after dropping off Gwen at 9:00. Parker saw me and pointed it out to his teacher. See, I care! The kids looked like they were at the end of their run time. They were dragging themselves around the track. Poor kids.


They had fun. This is Parker’s class. The room mom sent this picture to everyone. Parker is on the top row third from the left. I forgot that the parents were giving the kids mustaches too. Because every kid wants to run laps for a fundraiser while they have a fake mustache on their face! Parker didn’t get the purple hairspray in his hair even though I told him he could. He has a partial face sticker because he picked most of it off throughout the day. His classmates kept giving him sunglasses so he has four pair of cheap plastic purple sunglasses. Gwen is so jealous. I think he can share with her.

I really don’t understand this fundraiser. It sparks a lot of jealousy among my children because each class has their own way of adding to their assigned color to show school spirit. It’s kind of weird. We never ask anyone to donate money if our kids run. But the kids still have to run regardless. The 4th graders were going to take their earnings and use it for Outdoor Ed next year. I don’t believe in Outdoor Ed so I don’t feel bad that we didn’t help raise any money.

Gwen’s teacher sent an email saying that her class earned over $1000 today. There must be a lot of oldest siblings in that first grade class. The families aren’t burned out on fundraisers yet! Over $1000 in one first grade class despite the Grinchy Westover family. Color me impressed.

Last year Gwen was so excited about the Fun Run. Then she realized it’s running around a tiny roped off square in the grass over and over again for 20 minutes. She was less than thrilled this morning to run.

Me: Bye Gwen, love you, have a good day!
Gwen: Oh I won’t but thanks for the ride anyway.


I think she had fun anyway. Silly girl. It’s like my kids have been hanging around me too much. They’re becoming quite piquant.

I’m just glad we have two more dated Fun Run shirts to eventually add to the ever growing collection of pajama shirts. We now have two purple shirts and two green shirts. We have at least three white shirts, one orange, and one yellow. None of my kids have been assigned red yet. The tie dyed shirts look more pink than red. Either way, Heath is glad we don’t have any red shirts. He’s morally opposed to the color since it represents the University of Utah – BYU’s archenemies.

Gavin’s coach didn’t really give any specific exercise instructions to the Track students. He just said to be active for at least 60 minutes a day and to try to run a mile a day. I told Gavin he can run through the park. It’s 2.45 miles around the long way. He loves running so much he will be thrilled to race through the park every day this Spring Break. I am looking forward to sleeping in and getting back into bad habits that will make it hard to start school again later. Gotta keep your eye on the prize. Even if the prize is extreme laziness.

Keep running my friends. My only running will be to the fridge for another Diet Coke. They were on sale!