Parker, here, will tell you a story about his trip.

     It all started not so long ago in a school not so far away were I was reading “Charley and the Glass Elevator”, and waiting to go to SACRAMENTO!!!!! I got about one hour of sleep and it took for 4 ever to get on the bus. Once I did I sat in the back with my friends: Zane and Jake. I was in the back near the fuzzy bathroom door. I “watched”, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No good, very bad day.” I couldn’t hear it. We first went to the capitol and got to see the Governor and we saw people vote for laws. next we went to the train museum and not much happened excepted for this creepy man saying we could die in the construction of the railroad. After that we had pizza I had 7 slices. I then went back to the train museum to get a rubber duck with a conductors uniform on it. I went to the first ever Wells Fargo and then went to sutters fort  and then went home. the end

Parker forgot to mention that he shook Governor Brown’s hand. He says only a couple kids were able to shake the Governor’s hand and Parker was one of them. He also bought a lucky rabbits foot.

The not so lucky thing about the lucky rabbits foot is it broke. Parker found a string necklace to wear the large red charm on. He wore it to school where the kids were so jealous of him they told him how mean and evil he was for killing a rabbit and wearing the foot. Nice. When he got home he found a chain necklace to put the foot on. I’m not sure what happened. Everything was fine and then we parked at Costco. Parker had his head in his hands and was suddenly depressed. I got him out and that’s when he showed me how the top of the foot broke. The part that hangs on a chain broke and the whole top opens up now. I don’t know if we can glue it back together or not.

I love how Parker bought lasting memories as souvenirs. I’m sorry that one of them didn’t last more than a day. He had so much fun on his trip to Sacramento. As I predicted, lots of kids blew tons of money on candy. One kid bought a bag of Jelly Belly’s that he was sharing on the way home. It was a surprise bag so lots of the beans were gross like vomit or pencil shavings. Yummy.

The rubber duck that Parker bought is twice the size of all the ducks he earned in third grade. But it fits right in with the conductor’s uniform. All those ducks have some sort of costume.

Parker’s bus was a good 10-15 minutes later than the other bus getting back to school. I was waiting at the middle school for Gavin and Heath was at the elementary school waiting for Parker. I was starting to get a little worried because both of my boys were taking so long. They both appeared shortly after 5:00. It was such a long day for everyone.