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I have never had such a hard time getting my family’s teeth cleaned! We had the perfect appointment. It was on a Friday when the kids were out of school. I love those appointments. So far that is how we’ve met with our dentist. Every six months we find a day when the kids don’t have to be in school. Heath works from home and boom, we get the whole family squeaky clean.

This time didn’t work out quite so nicely. There were bugs in the system. Gwen got her teeth all clean before the bugs so we rescheduled everyone else. The new appointment was for this morning. I didn’t like the idea of the boys missing half a day of school for a dental appointment but what else could I do? You know, other than pick a better day? It was hard to think with the sudden change in plans.

The appointment stood for a couple days before I realized it would not work. Gavin is doing his March Mile Madness this month in PE. He has agreed to run the mile every single school day without fail. In exchange he gets a free t-shirt. He’s not doing it for the shirt though. He’s doing it because he has discovered a passion for running. Why not join this special club? The catch is he has to be there every day. No being late, no forgetting clothes, no being sick, no whining, no nothing. Just show up and run. Oh, and have fun too!

Friday is a minimum day for all the kids. Gwen and Parker have a minimum day on Thursday too. That’s another story. Gavin showed me the rules for March Mile Madness. This Friday has a special time. He needs to be at the school ready to run at 8:20. That’s when the bus arrives at the school. I wanted to be upset about the crazy timing. The more I thought about it the more I realized it wasn’t worth the negative feelings. I can make it happen. I am the mom after all.

While I don’t quite understand why the time is the way it is, it doesn’t matter. I will drive Gavin to school on Friday. If I drop him off first I can still get the other two to school on time. And that early in the morning the traffic shouldn’t be too crazy at the middle school. We can do this. I can move heaven and earth for my kid.

It was soon after all that drama that I realized the dentist appointment wouldn’t work. So I called and left a message. I hoped for Friday afternoon since it’s a minimum day. Luckily Heath was home to take the call from the dentist. I was out visiting teaching. Anyway, Friday didn’t work for the dentist  so we were scheduled for this afternoon. I’m just glad we got it all worked out. And no one has any cavities! Yay!

Gavin also wants to be on the track team. It looks like there weren’t enough coaches or something. The school website had TBA in place of dates and times for quite a while. There are still quite a few TBA’s. But Gavin heard that Track would be starting soon so he picked up an athletic packet. Tell me I wasn’t mad at myself for not having the doctor sign a paper in the summer saying Gavin can play sports! Oh well. I had to fill out a couple pages and then have the doctor sign something. Not a big deal.

I took the packet to the doctor’s office today and dropped off what he needs to sign. They will call me in 3-5 business days when it’s ready for pickup. There shouldn’t be any issues. I did have to answer yes on a couple questions, like some of the heart questions. Dang genetics! I guess we’ll see what happens. Hopefully we get it by the end of the week since the first practice is on Monday after school. Then there is a mandatory parent meeting that night at 5:00.

I will do whatever it takes to let Gavin run. That’s all he cares about. It feels like every other day he walks in the door telling me he knocked off a couple seconds from his time again. I think he can run a mile in 7:50 now. That is so much faster than my 15 minute miles I “ran” in junior high. When I compare the times I can’t help but think my kid is as fast as the Flash. He has plans to run around the park in the summer. I have plans for him to join the Cross Country team in the fall. I think he may like it better than Track. That seems to be a family thing. My brother, Gavin’s dad, and Gavin’s cousin all prefer Cross Country to Track.

I pride myself on not being a helicopter mom. I love that my kids work for what they want to do. I have learned that there are times when I still have to move heaven and earth for my kids. I’m willing to do it because I love them. I will be drinking a Diet Coke now to celebrate my mom awesomeness because the fluoride time is up. I can swallow again!