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It’s important for families to be in the habit of daily scripture reading. Primary is really good at measuring scripture reading success. Our Primary just started a new daily reading program.

scripture reading chart

I found this printable online for the kids to color in as they read daily. There are 30 blocks to color. We sent these charts home about a month ago so it’s no surprise they started coming in all colored last week.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a miscommunication on the reward system. I’m kind of glad for the turn of events because it gave me a chance to come up with a great reward system.

scripture reading keychain 001

This is what I came up with. Every 30 days of reading earns one foot. Lots of school classes have running clubs where the kids earn feet for every mile they run. I liked the idea. I found the foot charms on the Fitness Finders website. Actually, one of the counselors found the site and I was thrilled. The charms were exactly what I was looking for. They tie in perfectly with our Primary bulletin board. The kids each wrote on a footprint one way they can follow Jesus. Reading scriptures is a great way to follow Jesus.

The tag was made from Ink Jet Shrink Film. You can print your own images, cut them out, and bake them like Shrinky Dink. I used a 2” circle punch and a small flower punch to thread the chain through. It takes some muscles to punch through the shrink film but the tags look awesome! The kids can write their name on the blank side of the tag. Then proudly display the keychains on their scriptures, backpacks, or somewhere in their home.

Last week we had five kids turn in their completed reading chart. I had extra keychains ready if any more kids turned in their charts yesterday. We ran out of keychains with the special tag. Looks like it’s time to make more!

I hope this inspires kids to want to read. We used to give out a Hershey’s kiss to kids for reading. They would say how many days they read in the week and we would mark it on a poster and they took the kiss. My daughter would lie just to get the kiss. Food isn’t always the best motivator, in my opinion. She wants a foot so badly that she is now disciplined to read every day. That’s a win in my book!