The other day I saw a lonely bus ticket sitting on Gavin’s desk. The way it was just sitting there all alone, not attached to any other tickets, made me think he accidently left it. I decided not to text Gavin at school. Phones are illegal and punishable by death I think. I didn’t think it was worth the risk. If he forgot his bus ticket he forgot it. It would be a good learning opportunity.

But I was impatient. I texted him before I left the little kids school. When he replied Parker played the middle man for me. He said something eloquent like “Ok, Parker” which really confused my oldest child who didn’t know it wasn’t me sending the texts. The next text was very simple. “I’m Gavin.” It made me laugh even though I couldn’t tell if his feelings were hurt or if he thought I was a complete imbecile or what.

So Parker had to explain that he was using my phone. He was kind as you would expect any 9 year old power hungry little brother to be with his mother’s cell phone. “Parker wrote this!!!!! devil emoticon” Such a charming child. Unfortunately for Parker, Gavin dropped it. He didn’t even come in the door yelling. Parker was so disappointed.

I tell this story for many reasons. One, it’s funny. Two, Parker likes to “help” me with texts while I’m driving. Velma won’t read my texts anymore. She won’t even recognize that my mom is trying to call me or that Gavin is letting me know he’s on the bus or anything. I got a new phone when Gavin got his phone and Velma is still on strike with the Blue-tooth feature that my phone says is connected. It’s not.

Parker’s unmistakable signature is the red devil emoticon. If you ever get a text from my number and it contains a red devil emoticon, rest assured Parker sent the text and is off in a corner giggling about it. The final reason I tell the story is because Gavin wrote the following story. His writing style is different from mine but just in case you didn’t get it, I thought I would let you know, Gavin wrote it.

Today was the day that we would hike all the way up Mt. Tam., and then decided it was a good idea to come back down again. We call it Mt. Tam., because the original name was too long and hard to remember. My parents woke me up really early and told me to put on my clothes. I put both of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my backpack. Then I went into my father’s car. We went to that bagel place, and got one of those breakfast sandwiches. We drove to the church, and then when everybody was there I got into the car of my scout leader. When we got to the campgrounds we began putting one foot before the other. We continued this process for about 3.2 miles. When we finally got to the top, we were a little hungry, so we stopped for lunch. There were some great views.

There were some great views  Tam2

Tam3 Tam4

After lunch, we began to hike downhill. There were tons of rocks. They sort of made a stairway down. Then we had down a steep trail, and it had a lot of gravel. I managed to go down the trail without tripping. It wasn’t steep the whole way down. The trails that bikers used to go downhill. There was one kid who brought his whole family. He brought his dad, mom, and even his little brother. I was impressed to see that the child who is probably younger than Gwen make it through the hike. The mom liked to take pictures of us. Her camera died near the end of trail, but she took last picture with her phone. At the end the hike I had just finished all my water and had to walk another mile to get to the bathroom. We didn’t have any difficulties during the hike. My feet felt a little sore, but it was nice day and really enjoyed hanging out with my friends.