It’s been a long week of serving others. It’s like I’m growing and becoming a less selfish person. It has also been exhausting. Growing pains are real!

Last night I was trashed. Gwen was in the tub and I could hardly keep my eyes open. She got out and was keeping me company on the bed while I snoozed through Friends episodes on Netflix. I was grateful she was there. You know, in case I slipped into another dimension instead of just another state of consciousness. I was so tired.

All the Diet Coke I had been swigging all week was starting to have an adverse affect on me. In fact, I had a large 20 oz. bottle and kept looking at the clock. If I was still sipping caffeinated Diet Coke at 7:30 pm would I be up all night? When toothpicks couldn’t prop my eyes open I stopped worrying. I just needed to stay awake long enough to pick up the boys from the church at 8:30. They were running the scoreboard while their dad was refereeing basketball for the night.

I wanted to cry the whole way to the church I was so tired. All I wanted was just to climb into bed and sleep until the end of the world. By 9:00 I got my wish. The kids were all snug in their beds and I zonked out in mine.

A full night’s sleep didn’t help me feel rested though. I could barely force myself to get out of bed and do what needed to be done to send kids to school. Having Heath work from home for the third day in a row certainly didn’t help. It felt like a Saturday so why did I have to get up? He said he felt tired too.

We both decided to go for a walk to kick start our engines. He walked to the lunch date he had with his friends. I ate a very lonely lunch by myself. How depressing. Then I went for a walk around the park. We both got back and were proud of ourselves for our efforts. Then I fell asleep in a chair. Later Heath finished his work for the day and wanted to fall asleep in a chair, on the bed, standing up, whatever. But the kids were home by then so we went to dinner instead. After all, we hadn’t boiled eggs for our cobb salads tonight. That would require getting up! Salads tomorrow I guess.

Doing so much for others is a big job. I have done quite a bit this week. Heath told me I deserved a day off. Maybe I took his advice too literally. I am trashed. Some Piquant Storyteller’s Day Off! I spent the day sleeping. I would worry there’s something wrong with me but Heath is so tired too. I think there’s something in the air. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.