Me: What did they say about family history at Scouts?
Parker: We told stories.
Me: Oh, what story did you tell?
Parker: I didn’t say anything because I didn’t have a story.
Me: What! I gave you one on the way there!
Parker: I didn’t think you were serious. I just thought you were saying that.
Me: What!
Family laughter
Parker: I wasn’t thinking about it. I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking about you then. I’ll say it next time! At least now we don’t have to type it!

Parker: At lunch today I saw all the tables out. I thought that was weird but I just realized that it was for the Science Fair.
Family laughter
Parker: What? I wasn’t thinking about it! I was thinking about lunch! Humans can only think about one thing at a time! I was thinking about lunch!

I’m so glad I could tell Parker a family story only to have him think I was just talking to fill the silence. I’m also really glad I spent half the day gluing his Science Fair poster only to have him

A: not remember I was even working my butt off for him while he was at school and
B: not remember that the stupid posters were due after school today!


science-experiment-013I think the real question is how much hot sauce can one kid eat before they fry their brain?