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I had to get a picture of the menu board because of a new family joke. We were brainstorming meals for the week and somebody (I think it was Parker) pointed out that the meals matched the initials of the week. Sunday – stuffed chicken, Monday – mmm hot dogs, Tuesday – tortellini, Wednesday – Wendy’s. Thursday didn’t quite match. Friday did but not the way I wrote it on the board.

Heath: Faco Friday!
Me: Careful!
Later in the week Gwen mentioned Faco Friday.
Parker: Did you just say a bad word?

I love Faco Friday. I think we may have a lot of tacos on Fridays now because of that great name. Just be careful when you say it.

We normally do soup on Wednesdays because Gavin has Scouts and it’s the fastest and easiest meal to get Heath and Gavin out the door on time. But this time his regular Scout meetings were postponed to have a Court of Honor instead. Wendy’s is just up the street from where the Court of Honor would be held. Yeah, we could have had soup. But why have soup at home when you can scarf Wendy’s down in less than ten minutes?

We did make it to the Court of Honor on time. Yay us! I kind of wish we left right after Gavin was recognized because it got real boring real fast. One of the leaders was being recognized for earning his wood badge. Does that sound right? Anyway they spent more time recognizing one leader than they spent on 40 Scouts achievements. I am not kidding.

I already think the symbolism of Scouts is completely made up folklore that I just don’t get. I am convinced of it after that woman droned on forever. And the song and dance! First he’s this animal, then he’s that animal. What other woodland creature or zoo animal can we throw in next? It was tedious to say the least. I will say I prefer a Court of Honor to the absolute chaos that a Pack Meeting is. I still wished I refilled my Diet Coke from Wendy’s. 

Our birthday traditions include letting the birthday person pick their favorite restaurant for dinner. Gwen picked her new favorite restaurant Lazy Dog. She was so excited to order a build your own pizza. She couldn’t wait to see what dessert they would bring out when they sang to her. It was going to be the best experience ever!

She ordered the pizza and kept eating the cheese before the waitress came for the built pizza. When her pizza came out all cooked to perfection, minus quite a lot of cheese, Gwen had one bite. She enjoyed a few fries before declaring she was full. French fries and pizza! That’s the first problem!


Actually, there were a couple problems on Saturday. They weren’t really problems. We just had way too much food. Heath took the kids with him to the doughnut shop for breakfast. Gwen chose a heart doughnut bigger than her head. The kids love doughnuts for breakfast!

We left for the mall to do some more birthday shopping. We left about the time we needed to eat lunch in order to get to dinner early enough to beat the crowds. So we ate at the mall. Heath and Gavin ordered Panda Express while I took the other two to McDonald’s. We all ate together in Panda Express’s dining room. We tried to have a light lunch but I think it was too much food for an early dinner.

Gavin wanted to order ribs for dinner. Heath told him to branch out and try something else on the menu. So he chose a steak. We both said over our dead bodies could he order a $26 steak dinner. We figured out he was feeling very carnivorous and really wanted a lot of meat. Heath suggested the pot roast. Gavin really liked it. The best part was he finished and said he was full! Finally we filled up our teenager in training! Parker ate all his build your own pizza and the watermelon chunk as big as his head. Gwen’s pizza is still sitting in the fridge.

The first waitress went on her 30 minute break soon after getting our drinks. You know, after we told her it was Gwen’s birthday. There was no song. There was no dessert. I was pretty disappointed myself. Not that anyone needed dessert. It was just the principle of the thing. I thought it was kind of lame that Gwen was ignored. The girl is 7 years old for crying out loud! All she wanted was for someone to make a big deal out of her birthday. The first waitress did act all excited and wished Gwen a happy birthday. Not really the same though.

Gwen really wanted a cake. She was very specific. She wanted strawberry so it would be a pink cake with pink frosting. She also wanted only one candle. Maybe just a number 7, she suggested. We bought a number 7 candle because I forgot to check the cupboard to see if we already had one. When we got home I saw that we had a number 7 candle still in the original packaging. *sigh*


I have permission to share these pictures. Heath was upset with his decorating skills. He kept saying the cake looked like Gwen signed her own name when she was in kindergarten! I think it looks great. The side swoopy things wouldn’t cooperate though.

Gwen was also allowed to choose a Sunday meal. She wanted croissant sandwiches. I love those! I think she picked croissants because the name is French and Gwen is obsessed with anything fancy and French.

The kids kept begging to eat cake. After dinner we sang to Gwen and she blew out the candle. Heath held her hair for her. It was in a ponytail but he held it because she was concerned. I had told her that my hair burned on my 7th birthday. I leaned over to blow out the candles and a piece of my hair got in the way of the candles. I had to get my hair cut. It wasn’t a big deal but Gwen was horrified when I told her! It was a relief to Gwen that she managed to blow out her candle without catching her hair on fire. I don’t know what she wished for but I hope it comes true for her.

Instead of Unique of the Week luncheons, Gwen’s teacher does birthday lunches. They are typically held the last Monday of each month and all the kids with a birthday that month are invited. Parents are invited too but I didn’t go. If I wasn’t tutoring today I may have considered it. It would have been a lot of back and forth to the school and I had a bunch of errands to run today. So I’m a terrible mother but Gwen had fun anyway.

I made sure to buy her a Lunchable since she loves them so much. I was going to send her to school with a sacrificed Diet Coke for Mrs. M. But we had a better idea last night. Gwen’s Primary teachers buy a small Bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes for each of their Primary students to celebrate birthdays. It’s a big Primary class too! I’m very impressed. They are still newlyweds and don’t have any of their own children yet.

Gwen came home with her own Bundt cake. We thought it would be perfect for Gwen to share her cake with Edward and their teacher. Gwen and Edward were the only February birthdays. She was very excited to share. I was afraid she would be upset. But she admitted herself she had sugar overload after her piece of homemade cake. All the kids complained the frosting was too sweet and that their stomachs hurt! I thought the cake was good. It murdered my blood sugar but it was still good.

note1Lunch was eventful today and not because of the cake. Gwen lost a tooth. She will definitely have to get braces. The new tooth has already started to come in behind the tooth Gwen refused to pull out. For weeks we have tried to convince that girl to pull it out. It finally fell out at lunch today. And then she swallowed it.

Gwen was very upset and was about to cry. Mrs. M. did some quick thinking. She made a big deal out of how exciting it was that Gwen lost her tooth. Then she wrote a note for the Tooth Fairy so the Tooth Fairy will believe what happened.

A choice in meals for days, cakes coming out the wazoo, money from the Tooth Fairy! Can you believe Gwen also made off like a bandit with birthday gifts too?