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Tucked away in plain sight on a shelf stands a mini scrapbook I made ten years ago. I had one and a half kids and was four years into marriage. The way I journaled about my life with Heath, you would think we had been married forever.

I remember making that scrapbook. Mini scrapbooks were all the rage in the magazines I read. This was my first attempt. I also remember trying new techniques like hidden journaling. What I remember most was making such a big deal out of a gift for my fourth wedding anniversary. Not my first. Not my fifth. But a random fourth anniversary.

A couple days ago we celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary. It felt like a big deal. Bigger than the first, the fifth, or the tenth. Not that we did anything special. It’s just a feeling I had ten years ago that came back.

I think what really encouraged that feeling was finding a hidden treasure. While the scrapbook has been proudly displayed in my room for years, the book I found was tucked away in a box. It’s been years since I opened the book and I almost forgot I ever had it.

It’s a small journal wrapped in textured handmade paper. A little off white with the occasional vermilion leaf buried in a thin layer of paper. A creamy white ribbon lovingly tied in a bow holds the book closed.

Inside the book is filled with blank pages. A few of the first pages have been written on. My mom’s handwriting is on the cover page. It says “Tristan & Heath’s wedding day Feb 10th, 2001.” Turning that page leads to advice written by friends and family.

How fun to go back and reread the advice and well wishes of people who care about us.

It’s interesting to read these love notes now. Nothing has changed. In fourteen years of marriage we have only fallen deeper in love, added a couple more kids, and weathered every storm with as much faith as we could.

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We didn’t know what we were doing then and we still don’t know what we’re doing now. The journey is an adventure because we’re in it together.