A couple photos from the Great Mall of America Minnesota.

Sometimes I think Heath just goes on these “business trips” to have a mini vacation from us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I guess. Two story American Girl Doll store. Huge Lego store. Yeah right business trip! Only why would he go to a trendy overpriced doll store without his family? Hmm.


If a mini vacation is what he’s really doing, wouldn’t he go somewhere warmer? This picture text woke me up the other morning. The temperature is next to the time. It is –4 degrees at 7:54 am. Brr that’s cold! He said that one night he walked outside and his contacts immediately fogged up. Contact lenses fogging up! Eyeglasses fog up easily in the winter but I have never had my contact lenses fog up in the cold. While they were in my eyes! Poor guy.

Heath and his boss picked up the rental car together from the airport. Heath was driving. He put it in gear and gave the car some gas.
He checked to see if the emergency brake was on.
All good. He hit the gas again.
They got out to see what might be wrong.
The tires were frozen to the ground.

Eventually the car broke free of its frozen prison. They dropped off their luggage at the hotel and headed out for dinner. Heath was only wearing his sport coat. He accidently left his overcoat in the room. He didn’t figure it would be so bad. They weren’t going to be outside for long. Well it was long enough to turn into a human popsicle.

The air was so dry and so cold Heath said his boogers were freeze dried. No sinus congestion whatsoever! At least that.

He did go to a place called The Bachelor Farmer with his coworkers, supposedly. Interesting name. The menu is a little odd too. Who orders a groaning board? It sounds more like a torture device than an appetizer. He did say the braised lamb was delicious. That really bothered Gwen. She was afraid the “fur” was still attached!

It’s a good thing Heath isn’t a bachelor anymore. Sitting around some country sounding place with a masochistic menu eating fur covered baby sheep? I don’t know. I guess for a Californian driving in fresh powder and 12 degrees will make any meal seem like it’s the last. Maybe anything tastes good under those conditions.

Yeah, he must have really gone for business. No one would go to Minneapolis in February for pleasure. Apparently there is an amusement park in the middle of the mall. But Heath said they didn’t want to ride any rides after stuffing themselves at an Italian restaurant. He was afraid he might taste dinner again and then not like Italian anymore.

So if he did go to Minneapolis with his boss to hang out and play, the vacation was a fail. Inhumane temperatures, having to remember how to drive in snow, and only strolling around the mall because he was too full to play, yeah, that doesn’t make for a great vacation. I’m just glad he’s home. I hate being a work widow when he’s on business trips.