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kid happenings 003

A couple weeks ago Gwen came home wearing this special paper headband. Apparently it was the 90th day of school, halfway through the school year. Soon after we got information about the 100th day of school.


This sketch turned into




by coloring, counting, and gluing.

We counted while we cut little strips of yarn. Then we counted again and again and again. Which is funny after finding out what one kid did with his poster. The kid had taped on dried leaves. There were two large fluffy flowers taped on top. I guess he said he didn’t really count. He just put on a bunch of leaves and it seemed close enough to 100. But just to be sure he put on the flowers. That should get him to 100! Mrs. M was not happy.

Another kid told her yesterday that he hadn’t even started yet. The project was due today! It seemed to be a special year for laziness regarding this particular assignment. When Mrs. M first told the students about the project Gwen and Lauren’s little minds started thinking. By the end of the school day they had concocted a pretty elaborate plan that boiled down to more work for moms and less work for them.

Gwen told me all about her plan. I didn’t like the sound of it. Gwen assured me she had Mrs. M’s approval. I would buy 50 of something and Lauren’s mom would buy 50 of something and they would work together to put their 100 items on the same poster. She assured me again that Mrs. M was on board with this idea.

“I don’t care! You are not doing that!”

Gwen pouted. How dare I stomp on her brilliant idea! No surprise that when I went in to tutor, Mrs. M talked to me about “my girls.” I told her I was not okay with the idea. Mrs. M made it very clear that she was never okay with the idea and never gave any bit of permission. I didn’t think so! She said in all her years of teaching she has never had students come up with such a plan. We both agreed it completely defeated the purpose of the project. And then the leaf kid comes along! Oh Mrs. M, you can retire now. Now you have seen it all.


I love the way it turned out. Gwen loved it. Mrs. M loved it. Yesterday when I tutored again she said that she was surprised to see the mustache the way it was. She thought Gwen was going to glue 100 mustaches. Nope. This was the plan all along. For Gwen to fill a mustache with 100 mustache hairs. Only I made the mustache gigantic. Heath said that 100 pieces of yarn is a lot but there was no way it would fill the mustache I drew. So Gwen had to color it to fill it in a little.

She stepped away from her handiwork and then went back to admire it more I guess. She remembered she needed to put her name on it. I love that she wrote her full name. And that she continues to make her y’s backwards. She doesn’t write Gwenyth on everything but she has been writing it more often. It’s cute.

First grade tradition is that all the kids dress up as if they are 100 years old and get their picture taken. I can’t wait to see Gwen’s picture. She was pretending to be a crotchety old lady today. After weeks and weeks of no rain (nothing since Christmas Eve), it was a rainy day. Gwen took her umbrella to school of course. She likes to hunch over and use it as a walking cane. She was using it to walk up the stairs this morning. She stopped partway up and shook her cane. “Hey! Get off my lawn!” She’s such a goofball.

More than halfway through the school year and twice as smart. Or twice as shrewd. Awww … my last first grader.