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Friday was Pinewood Derby day. Parker was so excited. School was a necessary evil whose only redeeming value was that it helped pass the time. Evening could not come fast enough.

We went to the new sandwich shop near the church. I love sandwich shops. I wouldn’t say that one is my favorite. The one thing I do love about that place is the customer service. The people there are so nice. Incredibly nice. That right there will get me to go back. That and their sandwiches are different. Sometimes different is good. It’s a nice wild card for our restaurant arsenal.

Parker was in his Scout uniform. One of the sandwich guys was talking to him about Cub Scouts. The guy said he used to be in Cub Scouts but he didn’t really continue on with Scouting past Webelos. He said his car was always the fastest at the Pinewood Derby because few people knew about graphite back then. I guess his dad knew to put it on the wheels but not a lot of dads did that. He told Parker to stick with Scouting. I thought that was a fun little moment for Parker.

We finished up our sandwiches and headed back to the church. Heath and Parker went in while I took the other two mugwumps home to watch a movie. Finally the moment had arrived!


Heath made sure to put on his Doctor Who shirt for the event. It’s a picture of the Tardis with the words Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey around it.

The Tardis received lots of compliments. When they were checking in the car one of the ladies at the table knew what it was while the other didn’t. When Parker said the name of the car was Tardis the one lady said that she wished her husband was there to see it.

They posed for the yearly photo and then found seats to watch the races. Heath was excited they got seats right at the finish line.

At one point in the races the leaders asked if anyone knew a joke to tell. Parker asked if he could repeat a joke his dad had recently told us. Heath said yes so the last video clip is Parker telling the joke. You can see that no one was paying any attention! It’s hard to hear. I had to watch the clip a couple times to get it all.

Parker: The teacher says to the students, use a sentence with the word fascinate. So the student was like I have nine buttons but I can only fasten eight.

Parker was thrilled that his car kept winning! He only lost three out of ten races. Heath just said that the car didn’t come in last. It was actually early for the next race! Parker made it to the elimination round. While the Tardis did well it wasn’t enough to beat little Brian.

Brian’s family moved into our ward recently. They came from South Korea. The story is that they were living life as usual, not knowing what dramatic changes the future held for them. Ten days later they were in the United States starting a new job and a new life in a new country. They moved around Brian’s 8th birthday so he missed being baptized when he normally would have. The Stake Primary Presidency was able to fit him in on Saturday.

He doesn’t speak any English. His mom said to be patient with him since he will be shy until he feels comfortable. So he’s a brand new Cub Scout and he got a pinewood derby kit. His dad asked a few people for help in understanding what a pinewood derby even is. They made the car and Brian was the champion. Talk about your Cinderella Story!

Parker was fine with not being the winner. He made it to the final round and that was good enough for him. He had a blast making the car with his dad and racing his car. Making it as far as he did was the icing on the cake. It didn’t hurt that everyone was impressed with his creativity too. A Tardis pinewood derby car! That is a pretty creative car. It is now sitting in a place of honor in the office. It’s on a shelf with Lego sets and other display only items.