It’s been a busy weekend.

Friday was the Pinewood Derby. That event gets its own post.

Saturday was exhausting. We got up early so we could hit Costco soon after it opened. I still hate that store! I suffer from sensory overload every time we go. Too many people, too many products, too much noise. But hey, we were home with groceries put away by 10:30. That’s awesome!

Gwen went to a birthday party at 11. Rachel is really into American Girl dolls. She kept begging for one. Her parents told her she had to prove she wanted a doll by playing with the dolls she has. After several months of not letting go of the wish for an American Girl doll and playing with her current dolls, they gave in. She got one for her birthday.

I was so glad her mom told me the story because then I knew exactly what to have Gwen give as a gift. A while ago I had seen a hairstyling book specific to American Girl dolls. Perfect! I found one on Amazon that came with a book of hairstyles, a DVD full of hairstyle tutorials, a hairbrush, a water bottle, and elastics. Sold!

I saw Vicki yesterday at church and she told me how much Rachel loved that gift. Rachel spent the whole morning before church watching the DVD and trying out different hairstyles. I’m so glad she loves it.

The party was a royal tea party. Jon Eric answered the door in a tuxedo because he was the butler! Gwen seemed to enjoy herself and all the crafts. We went out to lunch. It was yummy and a lot of fun. But don’t tell Gwen it was at her favorite restaurant.

We dropped Parker off at Blake’s birthday party. That party went from 1-5. The boys played outside and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and had pizza and cake. Parker had a blast.

He said that Blake opened his presents at the party. It’s very strange to me that the new vogue thing to do is invite a million people to a party at some fantastic venue and then not open a single present at the party. Blake’s family seems a lot more my speed when it comes to parties.

Gavin went to Luke’s party a few months ago. All Luke wanted for his birthday was to have a couple friends come hang out at his house for a party. John took the boys to a movie after they played at the house for a couple hours. Then he took everyone home since the movie was late. Anyway, Parker said that Blake was really excited to get a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lego set.

While Parker was at the party, I worked on the Primary Bulletin Board some more. When I was first called as Primary Secretary the previous secretary gave me a rushed overview of my responsibilities. She talks fast and there was a lot of ground to cover in only twenty minutes. I thought she said I was in charge of both bulletin boards. The one in the Primary room and the one in the hallway. I have been planning out ideas for the 2015 Primary theme ever since.

Only it turns out I misunderstood. After end-of-the-world-Primary-mistake #5897, the record was set straight. Oops. Admittedly I lost all kinds of steam for decorating the hallway bulletin board when I found out that was the only one I was in charge of. So I am forever grateful to Heath for coming up with a creative plan and helping me execute when I didn’t care.


This was the layout we built in the Cricut Design Space online. The yellow squares in the middle are just place holders. We had already cut those out earlier.

They turned out really cool. We picked a picture and word that represented each monthly theme. We cut the word out of the picture so the yellow matte showed through. It looks cool.

At first we were just going to put everything over the green and orange paper already on the board. Then we bought some blue paper and changed our design a little.

I wanted to get the board decorated this weekend. I felt like I was taking too long to get it done. So on Friday I took the above picture as a reference. I went to the craft store and bought more scrapbook paper. Unfortunately some of the frames were too big for the 12×12 mats. I only had 12×12 paper so they didn’t cut out well. I resized a few things and cut again.

Everything was ready to hang up by 3 pm on Saturday. I wanted to go and do it so badly! I may take a long time with my scrapbook layouts. Each page takes me a couple weeks to complete. I’m too much of a perfectionist. But once I’m ready to glue the elements down I’m ready. That’s where I was at 3 pm. I was ready to glue. Or staple as the case may be. But I was supposed to be at a baptism at 4. There wasn’t enough time to do both.

I got to the church ready for the baptism at 4. I walked past my bulletin board in the hall and into the Primary room. People were still setting up chairs. What? I walked back outside and looked up the emails about the baptism. Yeah, it was scheduled to start at 4:30. I was so annoyed. I could have gotten the board done! Instead I got to wait around for the baptism to start.

Heath picked up Parker from the party. He was hoping I would do it since I was closer. But with a 4:30 start time there was no way I could be done by 5 to pick up Parker.


Later we went back to the church to set up the bulletin board. I think it turned out really well. By the way, I erased identifying information in Photoshop. Like the name of our ward and the announcements. That would be strange to beautifully matte the word Primary.

I feel this weight off my shoulders now. This was the last major project I was in charge of. Now it’s just business as usual. Create assignments, email assignment reminders, find out half the kids will be out of town, then put my kids on the agenda to do the assignments. Every week is the same. That I can handle.


Somewhere in the weekend I made a poster for Gwen. This Friday is the 100th day of school. Which is a big deal for first graders. It took me a minute to come up with a creative idea she could do 100 of. Gavin and I put together a 100 piece puzzle and matted it on poster board. Parker listed 100 things he liked and pasted them on a poster. Gwen was sent home with a gigantic piece of paper to decorate.

I looked online for ideas. I didn’t see a mustache but the images online gave me the idea of gluing 100 pieces of yarn onto a mustache.


This is what I drew. I’m pretty proud of it! I have been drawing silly faces for the kids lately. They were putting smiley face stickers on their calendars when they got their chores done. I got tired of looking for the stickers so I started drawing faces for them. They love it. This 100 guy reminds me of the faces I make for them. I think he looks awesome. I should start drawing again!

What a busy weekend. I’m not ready for a new week to start. There isn’t much I can do about it so here we go!