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Parker is obsessed with BBC’s Doctor Who. So much so that I found him one afternoon in his suit with plastic glasses frames on researching Doctor Who on the computer.


It may be hard to tell but he also borrowed a bowtie from his large penguin. When this boy decides he is into something he dives in head first.

Our new rule is the kids have to earn screen time by completing chores. I wasn’t sure if it would really work. We have had a couple hiccups along the way. For the most part the kids are extremely motivated to earn that screen time every day. My house has never been cleaner!

Parker works hard to earn screen time before Heath comes home from work. That way he can watch Doctor Who before Dad takes over the TV making us watch basketball games or something. Science fiction synthesizer sounds seem to always be floating through the house.

Not only does Parker enjoy watching the shows, he’s turned it into a competition. Because, hello, it’s Parker! Every day I hear the same question.

Parker: Dad, what doctor are you on? I’m almost caught up to you!

Apparently the doctor is the same guy but the show has been on for the last ten million years, so of course the actor changes. He’s been numbered in our house. The 8th doctor, the 10th doctor, the original doctor, etc.

It feels like everything is starting to revolve around this iconic TV show. Parker loses his mind every time he notices something Doctor Who related in the world. One day at church he spotted a car with a family of vinyl Daleks on the back window. A couple weeks later we found out the car belongs to our home teacher who got into Doctor Who because his wife loves the show!

kid-happenings-008No surprise that Parker made his Pinewood Derby car a Tardis. The Pinewood Derby came out of nowhere this year. His scout leaders gave us a late heads up and I don’t know why they never gave us a car. It’s possible Parker told them we already had one at home. I was ready to wash my hands of the whole thing. It’s just another dumb Pinewood Derby. Who gives a flying fig, right?

A sudden wave of nostalgia crashed over Heath. He said this is the second to last car we get to make. So his creative juices started figuring out how to turn a block of wood with wheels into a Tardis.

We don’t do regular cars in our family. Be creative or go home! That’s our motto. So Heath and Parker have been laboring with love to create the coolest Tardis Pinewood Derby car. Gavin’s scout leader is also a Doctor Who nerd. When he heard about the car he said that Parker will win every time. It’s a time machine!


At Parker’s last den meeting the boys were supposed to bring a shoe box to decorate. The Pinewood Derby cars should be displayed in these shoe box dioramas on Friday.

Gwen worships her brothers and has to do whatever they are doing. We had to buy another Pinewood Derby block of wood after the first one became a practice mess. Heath bought a Dremel tool and fine tuned his techniques on that first block of wood. Well Gwen insisted on keeping it for her own Pinewood Derby car. She colored it red with crayons and claims it is also a Tardis.

In order to be different from Parker she calls it Doctor Hoe since Doctor Who was already taken. Heath told her that Dr. Hoe is not an appropriate name. So she calls it Doctor Whom. That girl is crazy.

This afternoon I think Parker wished he actually was Doctor Who and could go back in time. He got his grade back for his MLK Jr. speech. It’s not what you think.

A week ago Parker was given the speech assignment. He didn’t do anything with it. We talked about ideas one night at dinner but that was as far as any speech writing went. I saw the paper and reminded Parker he needed to work on his speech. He rode his bike and played instead.

We discussed ideas again. We spent a lot of time discussing ideas because it was crunch time. The assignment was almost due. Somehow the weekend passed by and all that really got done was the Tardis. No speech was written.

I reminded Parker on Sunday that he probably should work on his speech. He got upset and told me that he would not work on homework on Sunday. I appreciated his efforts to keep the Sabbath Day holy but at the same time he was making a bad situation worse. He assured me he could do it on Monday. The speech was due on Tuesday. Not just the written speech but the speech presentation was due on Tuesday. Yesterday.

Much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth occurred on Monday. Heath deserves a gold star for his parenting. I walked away from Parker. The fighting hadn’t solved anything and I wasn’t going to write it for him. Heath patiently worked with him, encouraging more thoughtful work until a good speech was produced.

Tuesday morning, in the twenty minutes before we left for school, Parker transferred his speech to note cards. He presented that day. He was disappointed saying the class didn’t seem to really be paying attention and they didn’t seem to like it.

The grade came back today. Just as I suspected he got a perfect score. It’s nice that his teacher thinks he walks on water … but … I kind of needed him to have some consequences to his choices. In fact, his speech talked a lot about responsibility. And she gushed over it.

I just asked if it was his best work. He hung his head and said no. I told him it was great that no one knows he waited until the night before to prepare his speech. But he better not do it again. He seemed to understand. If only he were Doctor Who and could go back in time to fix this mistake. Personally, I’m counting on him learning from the mistake.