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A good friend has returned to visit. He came last night and will be staying the week. All three kids are so excited to have him back.

You’re never too old to make Franklin dance!

Gwen is thrilled to be Unique of the Week. It’s a little sad for me to realize this is the last time for our family. Franklin has watched our kids grow up. A 4 year old Parker kept him company when Gavin was at school. They fought over him at night! Two years later Gwen kept him company while Parker was away and I’m sure they fought over him at night.

The kids were so busy playing with Franklin last night that they didn’t do their chores until just before bed. The best part was they decided to do chores all on their own. They marched Franklin around singing the clean up song. It was pretty cute.

Gwen came down a few minutes after going to bed. She was holding Parker’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Rafael, and claimed she couldn’t sleep. I thought it was strange she wasn’t holding Franklin. Apparently it was a turtle slumber party in Gwen’s room. I just told her that they could play for five more minutes and then it was time to go to sleep. She read a Franklin book to all the turtles and we never heard from them again that night.

This morning Gwen asked me to play the Franklin game with her when we got home. I didn’t realize she meant as soon as we dropped Parker off at school. My shower was put on hold while I played the game with Gwen and Franklin. Then she asked me to watch Franklin while she was at school. I’m afraid I wasn’t very good company. I did put him in a chair with Rafael. They shared secrets with each other while I did my own thing.


This afternoon Gwen decided to take Franklin on a bike ride. She zipped him up in her front pack, patted her helmet down, and off they went. If you listened carefully you could hear a tiny little “Whee!” coming from her bike as she zoomed around the circle.

I think Franklin enjoyed the ride.

The kids pulled out a blanket for a picnic.


The turtle family lounged in the afternoon sun while Gwen and Parker chased Gavin around on their scooters. That sounds weird. Gavin was riding my bike and the other two were trying to see if they could catch up to him. He was too fast.

The turtles also found their way into the tree for a family photo. Rafael is the dad. Philip is the baby turtle. What a cute family.

Tomorrow Gwen has her share day. Thursday is the Estimation Jar Day. We found stretchy frogs that are fun to flip like rubber bands. Mrs. M doesn’t do Unique of the Week lunches anymore. She does monthly lunches for birthdays. So Gwen has that to look forward to in a couple weeks.

We get Franklin until Monday. I love that Gwen can read the books he comes with. It’s fun to listen to her read to her toys. She’s always pretending to be a teacher.

Oh, Franklin we will miss you but you will always be in our hearts.