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As promised, the weather was beautiful today. There was supposed to be a slow warming trend from the middle of the week to the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be in the mid 70’s and gorgeous.

Yesterday was not warm. The sun never really came out which made the day feel extra chilly. Today the sun came out right away making for a perfect early spring day. It’s the kind of day where you can’t help but want to go outside and play. So we did.

Gavin had the day off from school while the “little kids” had to go. I figure it’s a good makeup call for the Friday he had to go when they had it off. Those dang teachers and their work days.

We walked to our favorite sandwich shop. One mile up and one mile back. Take that Fitbit! Gavin talked about random things and was never interrupted by anyone. We ate in silence mostly. The food was too good to spoil with conversation.

After lunch we watched a couple Brain Games episodes. I was falling asleep in the second one. So I strongly suggested we do something else. We turned off the TV and rode our bikes through the park. First Gavin did 30 sit ups. He says he does 50 every night before bed. He has suddenly become Mr. Exercise. If you’re blessed with natural swimmer’s abs you may as well work to keep them looking their best!

Gavin has not turned his Santa cash into a bike yet. Have I told this story yet? We have looked around at different sporting goods stores and cheap retailers that sell bikes. The boys have gotten tall. There aren’t many bikes to choose from in their size. The prices jump drastically with the increase in size too. That’s why Heath has been cursing Santa for only leaving $100 for each boy. That’s not enough! It’s hard to want to drop $400 on a bike when we know Gavin isn’t finished growing yet.

Parker found the perfect bike at Toys R Us. It was the largest child bike available. The next size up that Gavin needs was twice as much. Who knew two inches were an extra $100?


Parker expected to have change left over after his bike purchase. We told him not to count on it. He was pretty well satisfied that his bike cost $99.99. Under budget! And for now, we haven’t found anything for Gavin.

He has ridden my bike. It makes him nervous because his toes barely touch the ground. I can appreciate his apprehension. A year ago he didn’t even know how to ride. Today I told him to ride Parker’s bike. I just wanted him to get used to riding so he would actually be excited to get his own bike. His feet rest comfortably on the ground when he sits on Parker’s bike. The smaller bike was just the confidence boost he needed to ride.

I have tried teaching my kids to ride their bikes in our circle. I don’t like it because living at the bottom of a U shaped circle means it’s hard to see when cars are coming. There isn’t a lot of traffic on our circle. The kids can be in the street. Until that one car comes while they are finally getting the hang of things in the middle of the street. The park has been the best place to teach bike riding.

The park is closed to traffic during the winter months. Excellent bike riding conditions! These warm days are the best. Gwen and Parker both learned last year at the park around this time of year. Gavin found success at the park today.

We rode around the bottom parking lot several times. I took off way ahead of Gavin knowing it wasn’t a big deal. He could see me the whole way around our makeshift track. Apparently he came around the corner and fell into a thorny bush. He was so nonchalant about it that it took me a while to piece together what happened. He was fine and undeterred. So off we went.

After a few more laps I suggested we ride up to the gates that close off most of the park to traffic. We rode along minding our own business and having fun. As we neared the gates I decided to turn around in a parking lot. A city landscaping truck was about to come onto the road we were on. So we circled the parking lot to get back on the road after the truck.

We were pedaling along the middle of the road with the wind in our faces and not a care in the world. I heard a car coming. It’s on the neighborhood street I thought and kept going. The sound was getting closer. It didn’t sound like it was on the road to nowhere but behind us on the park road we were riding in the middle of.

I looked behind me and saw a gray truck. City trucks are white. This was not a city truck. The guy was right behind us. We moved over to the right since he was trying to pass us on the left. Gavin nearly ran into me but we narrowly avoided disaster. As the guy passed Gavin said in an accusing tone, “I thought you said the park was closed!” I thought so too.

How that guy got through I will never know. The gates were still closed when we went to pick up the other kids from school. We looked. Where he went is also beyond me. There is only one way to drive through the park and he never turned around. He wasn’t parked anywhere that I saw. It’s like he was some gray ghost cruising down the park scaring unsuspecting bikers.

Gavin didn’t seem rattled. He seemed to still be enjoying the ride but he did take the lead. He went to the back parking lot and up onto the sidewalk that takes us straight home. We had about 20 minutes before we had to pick up kids. So I made him some orange soda.

All three kids are outside racing scooters right now. Gwen biffed it yesterday and apparently fell again today. She’s pretty mad. Parker patched her up with bandages yesterday. Today she carefully placed one over her skinned knee. She’s a little hurt but more mad that she fell. Nothing seems to stop her. She put on a pair of shorts since she hates having anything touch her boo-boos. Now she’s back out there tearing it up with her boys.

It’s been a wonderful day off. I’m glad we were able to take advantage of the nice weather and play outside all day. My Fitbit appreciates me finally getting off my duff. I just wish I remembered to take it off my bra and put it in my pocket for the bike ride. It doesn’t recognize pedaling very well.