On the other side of that door was crazy.

The safe side of the door was cozy. It was a warm, sunny day in spring. A few cars were parked at the curb. The big yellow buses waited at the front of the line. Students milled around like ants on a lollipop. In a red minivan, a mother passed the time reading a book.

Two girls crossed the street leaving behind the ghost town junior high school. The activity buses were always parked in front of the high school, conveniently located near the junior high. The girls chatted about whatever junior high age girls were interested in. They were close to the last bus in line when one girl recognized her brother and his friend walking toward a red minivan.

She waved and they waved back. A big grin spread across her face as she told her friend she had another ride home.

“Are you sure?” Sara asked.
“Yes. That’s my brother and his friend. I can just go home with them.”
“Are you sure?” Sara should have asked again.

Instead Sara waved a cheerful goodbye and boarded the yellow school bus bound for her neighborhood. There was no reason to suspect anything happening except everyone getting home quickly and peacefully.

The other girl started running toward the red minivan. Her brother was yelling something but she couldn’t hear it all. She got to the minivan half a second before the boys arrived. Proud of herself for finding front door transportation, she pulled on the handle.

There are no words to describe the look on the face of the mother in the van. Someone was at her passenger door. She closed her book never dreaming it was anyone other than her son and his friend. Suddenly a teenage girl was climbing inside.

She had never met the girl before. As far as the mother could recollect she had never seen the girl either. Who was this overly friendly person? What in the world was she thinking?

She must be lost or confused. Or some gang member. Her shirt said Obnoxious Wear. What did that mean? Was this a dare?

Who was this girl?

Gratefully for the mother, the boys climbed in behind the strange girl. They seemed to know her but the connection was still unclear to the mother. Besides dumbfounding confusion hanging in the air, the boys seemed upset with the girl.

The mother felt terrified and lost. With her heart racing, she drove as if her daily plans had not changed. She could figure it out later. At least no one got hurt!

The girl had impulsively acted. It was only when she and her brother got home that things started to sink in. Her brother pointed out how funny the situation was. Once enough time had passed, the girl realized it was worth laughing about.

This may be counted as a most embarrassing moment. For the girl it feels like one of those memories that was so awkward and bizarre, it may as well have been a bad dream. It is a strange and funny situation.

What would you do if some random kid climbed into your car and said hello?