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We grew closer together as a family this weekend. As only laughter, parties, happy juice, butterfly farts, and heroic acts can do for families. It’s a shame life has to go back to normal tomorrow.

Heath and I tried a new restaurant on Friday for lunch. We had garlic cheese fries as an appetizer. The fries were so good. The garlic aioli was sinfully divine.  The soda tasted more like Diet Pepsi and it was served in the tiniest canning jars just short of being labeled baby food jars. But our waiter was quite attentive. He even took the jar out of Heath’s hand to refill it! My drink never got below the halfway point. I love wait staff like that!

I was nervous about eating out because my blood sugars had been cooperating quite well since I saw my nurse. Eating out is my guilty pleasure. The problem is I have to guess how many carbs I’m actually eating and then try to factor in fat and protein content. Usually I take a look at my plate, roll an imaginary set of dice, and hope for the best. Friday was a good day. The dice were kind.

Heath was a bit of a hero on Friday. When the check arrived, he stared at it like something was wrong. Then he flagged the waiter and explained that we were only charged for my food. The waiter recalculated and gave us a new check. We could have been dishonest but there is no way we should have walked out of there paying half of what we owed.

Then at Costco an elderly gentleman was putting his groceries in his car. His cart decided it was tired of waiting and slowly started to drift away. It picked up speed once it got just out of the man’s reach. Heath started trotting after the cart and the man took a couple lunge steps. They both arrived at the same time. Just inches before the cart hit a parked car. Whew, disaster averted.

When we picked up the kids from school we were sipping on our Diet Coke. The best part of socially drinking is the gas it produces. Heath had some impressive belches. That came with an intense aroma of garlic. We’re talking so strong even rolling down the windows couldn’t dispel the tears. Which is why Parker started hanging his head out the window like a dog.


Eventually the smell disintegrated but Parker’s head stayed outside. He loved the wind on his face. He especially loved what it did to his hair once we got home. The garlic breath certainly helped glue it in place!

Gavin was over 20 minutes late getting home from school. I was a little panicked. Where in the world was I supposed to start looking for him? I called the school and the secretary told me the buses were all on time as far as she knew. She paged Gavin and said she would have him call me if he went into the office.

Heath was about to get in his car when we heard a large vehicle drive by. I raced to the front door but saw nothing in the peephole. The garage door had opened enough that Heath could see the bus. I opened the front door and saw the back of the bus about to disappear around the corner. The four of us walked toward the bus stop and intercepted Gavin a few houses from ours. Gwen and Parker gave him the biggest hugs. They had been worried to and were so happy to see him. We were supposed to look at cell phones today but we ran out of time.

Gwen went to her party and the rest of us had our own party! All my boys got their hair cut after we tried out a new sandwich shop. They are so much more handsome with short hair. On Saturday Gavin was complaining he was itchy. We told him to get out of his pajamas and shower off the tiny shards of hair stabbing his neck. He wore the same pajama shirt another night and wondered why he was itchy again! I love that kid!

It wasn’t late enough to send kids to bed once we picked up Gwen from her party. She was wired and feisty. Parker was tired and jealous. Sparks flew and I threatened to whip everyone soundly before sending them to bed early. Heath found something to watch that mesmerized everyone.

It was some blooper type show like AFV. A panel of three celebrities picked their favorite embarrassing video and eventually the host picked one to represent the most embarrassing for the week. We were laughing so hard. The kids stayed up way past bedtime but we were having the best time ever.

Saturday was productive as we worked on Parker’s pinewood derby car some more and we cleaned the house. Heath made the most amazing cob salad for dinner. All the kids tried bleu cheese crumbles. Gavin decided he didn’t like them after all. The other two were okay with it. Gwen ate that salad like she was given some special privilege. She knew it was my favorite kind of salad to eat at restaurants. She loved it. Parker was quiet about his opinions but he ate most of it.

Sunday was an exhausting day for Heath. He had his meetings in the morning and came home for a bit before we had to leave for church. He told me he would be home a little late because the Bishop had an interview right after church he needed to be in the building for. Church is over at 4:00 and Heath finally walked in the door shortly before 6:00. My timing on dinner was perfect though! It was like I was one of those housewives from the 50’s who had dinner on the table the second her man walked in the door.

At church Gwen was drawing my bracelet. It’s a bracelet my mom made for me with a different charm to represent my three kids. Gwen started with the butterfly of course. Underneath the butterfly she started to draw the bracelet. It was interesting to watch her draw it. Heath said it looked like a butterfly fart. He’s too funny.

We watched Herbie with the kids. It had been so long since we saw that movie that Gwen didn’t remember it. I think she enjoyed it more than her brothers. She is such a funny girl. She loves “boy things” while being so feminine.

The kids went to bed and Heath and I watched some romantic comedy he found on BYU TV a while ago and recorded. It was a really cute show. I liked the story. Very Hallmark in nature. But Gwen came down crying in the middle of it. Her stomach was cramping and she couldn’t sleep. After much convincing her to just sit on the toilet, a dose of children’s laxatives, and some snuggle time on my lap, she went to bed around midnight when our movie was finally over. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more without all the interruptions.

I hate that Gwen is still bothered by constipation. Heath gets frustrated because there is nothing we can do about it. We can’t convince her to just go. It’s up to her. I talked to her pediatrician about it a year or so ago. He acted like she was doing it as a power struggle. I don’t know. This girl was born this way. I have blog posts from when she was brand new and not pooping for days. I feel bad for her. She delivered her “baby” this afternoon and feels much better. Actually she’s pretty funny about it. I shouldn’t repeat some of the gems she said. But it was funny.

Even though I went to bed late I woke up early. I should have started on my reading sooner because I ended up reading half the day. Heath just laughs at me. He knows reading is my weakness. I didn’t expect to read more than an hour but the story got too interesting. I couldn’t put the book down until I was finished.

Edenbrooke was a fun, shameless romance novel. It reminded me of how dense I was when Heath and I started dating. I kept thinking of the day I met my brother at work all worried that Heath might propose. Tyson basically laughed at me sweetly and said that everyone expected it but me. He said they wondered when not if. It was a good talk. I loved Heath. It just took me a little longer to realize it than everyone else. If our story was a novel, readers would be yelling that I was an idiot. Because I kind of was.

The pinewood derby car is coming along nicely. We may have solved our leaky bathtub issue. I still feel bad that we yelled at the boys thinking it was their fault. Maybe we should trust our kids a little more! My hallway bulletin board for Primary is shaping up nicely. It’s still not ready yet. I was hoping I could put it up today but when things stopped working as expected it was time to take a break. The President hasn’t asked why I haven’t decorated yet. I think I still have some time for it to all come together as planned.

Gwen’s teacher is collecting soda caps. I wish she had sent the email earlier in the week. I had just recycled a whole bunch of soda bottles. That’s all right. It gave us an excuse to drink this weekend! I love my Diet Coke. I especially love drinking it with Heath. I introduced him to my happy juice and he enables me by buying it all the time. Don’t worry Mrs. M! We will singlehandedly get you all the caps you need for your project!


To miss the joy is to miss it all. Sign your name on every page with the sample pens and enjoy those moments in time that bring your family closer. Mundane responsibility comes soon enough.