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Last night we watched Cool Runnings. I love that movie. It’s very inspiring. It reminds me of growing up watching the Olympics. They were the only sports my family ever really watched on TV.

The movie also reminds me of my brother. He was a runner and I had great respect for him. Not only for being able to run but for enjoying it. I know that if I ever get in a situation where running may save my life, I will die. I have already made my peace with it.

I love the scene in the movie where Yul Brenner gives Junior a pep talk. My brother used to quote that scene to me when I needed a pep talk. “I see pride. I see power. I see a bad … mother who don’t take no crap off of nobody!” Good memories.

Something about that movie is dusty though. Heath and I both had dust in our eyes making them water! It happens every time I watch it. Strange.

This time the part that stood out to me most was near the end when Sanka tells Derice he didn’t go to the Olympics to forget who he was or where he came from. He says if he looks, talks, acts, and is Jamaican he better bobsled Jamaican. I like that. No matter what you do in life, make it your own.

I am the Piquant Storyteller and I do things my way.

I hate traditions yet I have my own traditions. I guess I don’t really hate traditions. I would rather make my own with my own family. I don’t really like doing things simply because they have always been done that way. I like forging my own way. My aunt Barb used to always say that if you do something and it doesn’t work it was an adventure. If you do something and it succeeds it’s a tradition. Within reason, I would add.

Heath and I have created a few traditions. We always have to have Diet Coke in the fridge if he’s going to be home. When he works from home we enjoy one together at some point in the day. We also have to go out for lunch together. He says it’s cheaper to pay for the two of us to eat at a pricier restaurant than it is for him to commute to work and have a cheap lunch in the city. I love the easy date so I don’t suggest we save money by eating at home. He IM’s his coworkers and says things like, “I’m taking my wife to lunch now.” It makes me feel like a celebrity. I don’t know why.

Last night Gwen was a little jealous that we went to her favorite restaurant again while she was at school. I reminded her that she used to join us on our dates last year when she was done with kindergarten. Before she started school we used to meet Heath for lunch and then go to Costco together before he had to go back to work. That was when he worked closer to where we live. Sometimes traditions evolve.

On Thursday night Heath asked, “What’s my excuse for working from home tomorrow?”

You don’t want to go into the office.
You usually work from home on Fridays.
We need our weekly lunch date.
There are two Diet Cokes left in the fridge that we could drink tonight or better enjoy tomorrow.

I don’t know what he ended up telling his team. But I loved having him home. This next Friday he is taking the day off. He has plans to use several of his vacation days like that throughout the year. We can go to the temple together for one thing. It’s closed for two weeks this time though. Since he’s taking the day off he will take the kids to school so I can have a morning off. Bliss. I’m looking forward to it!

Simple family traditions are my favorite. Those little things that you always do but rarely give a second thought to. They are what make my family what it is. It’s who we are. We like movies, eating out, BYU sports, and Diet Coke. Just to name a few of our traditions.