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My house smells like fresh taco soup linens. Dishes litter the countertops. Clean laundry sits in baskets waiting to be folded, and I need to put my sewing away. But I don’t care. You know why? Because I actually finished a sewing project!


You gotta love how Gwen is not only wearing a school shirt I had to Photoshop, but a school shirt she inherited from Gavin all the way from 2012! I knew she had a Fun Run shirt on today. I just never noticed the year until I took the pictures. She said she put it on by accident. It may have been mixed up with her regular t-shirts and not her pajamas. Oops.

Back to my major accomplishment! Let’s see, I bought the fabric before Thanksgiving. Sometime in December I tried to cut it out. I sewed the bottom ruffle of lace on the bottom of the skirt while Gwen was at school. When she got home I had her try on the beginnings of her skirt. It was too long. Way too long.

I unpicked the lace ready to cut off the excess from the bottom. When I was finished the thought occurred to me that I could actually skip the extra fabric casing and make one from the top of the skirt, thus shortening the length. Days later I sewed the lace back on.

The first ruffle was trickier than I expected. The fabric is a very lightweight denim and it grabbed the thread like nobody’s business. I did manage to gather the top of the ruffle. It just took a lot of time and patience. The second ruffle happened the next day. Sometime this week. What day is it today? The thread immediately broke when I tried to pull it to gather the ruffle. I went to the second line of basted stitches. The stitches simply pulled out as soon as I tugged on the thread. Nice.

Wisely I stepped away from the sewing machine. Abigail taught me that if you start to make a lot of mistakes it’s time to take a break from sewing. After a day off I tried again. And I finished! It’s only taken forever but I got it done!

It’s kind of a big deal because I haven’t been inspired to do anything lately. It’s even painful for me to scrapbook with Gwen. I just don’t care. My usual crafts seem like too much effort. Writer’s block smacks me in the face every time I sit at the keys with no names. Nothing sounds good to me. So to actually complete a project is a really big deal. Yesterday I even used my Cricut all by myself (for the first time) and made a card for a friend. Seriously, I’m on fire!

So are the kids. Gavin walked in the door on Monday and announced he was chosen to be in the Geography Bee. I had to sign his permission slip today. It said he was an alternate. But Gavin said the other kid dropped out and told the teacher. We’re assuming Gavin is actually on for the Geography Bee on Friday.

He’s a little nervous because he wasn’t given anything to study. The class Bee was held on Monday and Gavin was one of two students chosen. This teacher has proven herself to be pretty disorganized throughout the year. I just told Gavin to expect the same types of questions that he heard on Monday. He’s going to study a map of the United States and do his best. Friday is the big day so wish him luck. I love that kid. He’s a smart guy. It’s nice that his intelligence is finally being recognized in middle school.

Parker was a little grumpy this afternoon. He finally told me what was up. He’s friends with a kid nobody else seems to like. They think he’s disgusting though Parker doesn’t know why. He thinks the other kids are just mean to anyone who is new.

I don’t understand the story but I told him he’s doing the right thing. What would Jesus do? He would be friends with the unpopular kid. I wonder if in time the other kids will change their minds. I don’t think this is the undoing of Parker’s popularity. I’ve been telling him that all along. “You are already popular. Everyone thinks you’re cool. Just keep being you and the other kids will start to behave better because they want to be like you!” We’ll see. In the meantime, Parker is just awesome because he is always thinking of others. He’s a real sweetheart.

Gwen will go to her best friend’s birthday party on Saturday. It’s at a dance studio and the girls will learn a dance there. She is so excited. We’re also ready to pull the trigger on paying for dance lessons for her. She is a born dancer. She just needs some guidance.

I just don’t know what to do for a gift. Gwen wants to give her the two repeat Junie B. Jones books she got for Christmas. She thought of that on Christmas Day. She set the two new copies aside to keep them nice for her friend.

I love the thought involved. I just worry that we should do more than regift books for her best friend. After all Lauren went to Disneyland and came home with a Best Friends necklace for Gwen. I don’t know what to do. Maybe clean my house now that I finally created something.