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The older the kids get the harder it is to wait for Christmas. Their nervous energy ramps up exponentially every year. This year they are so excited they run, bounce, and joyously growl. Anything to release the anxious excitement. They talk nonstop about nothing in particular. Any thought that comes into their heads is immediately voiced.

We knocked off most of the day by going to the movies. We saw Penguins of Madagascar. Well, everyone else saw it. I slept through most of it. It was an expensive nap but it was lovely all the same. After dinner we headed over to a new restaurant near the theaters for an early dinner.

The kids have only been to this restaurant once before. Heath and I have been a few times on our own for lunch dates. Gwen asked how we sit on dates.

Gwen: Do you sit across from each other? Or do you sit next to each other so you can kiss because you’re so in love?
Heath: Mom sits on my lap.

The timing of his deadpan delivery was spot on. He had everyone laughing. My family is crazy.


Gavin now eats from the adult menu every time we go out. Partly because he’s still starving after eating children’s portions. Partly because he loves ribs. This boy gets involved with his ribs. It’s disgusting.

He uses his fingers to tear the ribs apart before bathing in the sauce. It’s amazing how messy he can get eating ribs. I try not to gag watching him. Actually I have learned to just not watch him eat. He loves every second of his carnivorous meal.


It takes wipe after wipe after wipe to clean up. When he’s not too bad I send him into the bathroom for a thorough hand washing. He may have an adult appetite but he sure gets messy like a little kid.

The last time he had ribs he still had barbecue sauce on his face when we left the restaurant. We went back to Grandma and Grandpa’s hotel room for some hot chocolate and our final goodbyes. We told Gavin to go into the bathroom to wash his face.

Gavin: Mom gives me special soap for my face.
Me: But you can still use water to wash off your face.

He looked confused but went into the bathroom anyway.

Gavin: I scrubbed but the pimple is still on my nose.
We all busted up laughing. Eventually we regained composure to tell him to wipe off the extra sauce. The Say Whats are still alive!


Parker is about to explode with excitement over Christmas. I can’t believe we still have an entire day to kill before Christmas. Heath and I were talking about how hard it was to wait for Christmas even as teenagers.

I remember the year my mom started the tradition of reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. We were a year or two into the tradition of going out to see a movie on Christmas Eve. We got home late enough we could have called it a night. But my mom was so excited. She poured some egg nog and pulled out the book. Then she read the entire story that night. Candi and I could barely keep our eyes open. We still got up early the next morning because it’s Christmas!

Heath always teases me because he can easily fall asleep on Christmas Eve but I can’t. When I do fall asleep I wake up often. I cannot wait to wake up the kids and see them tear into their presents. I love Christmas!

I think we received all our deliveries and have wrapped every present. Now all that’s left to do is wait …