Recently we noticed a lot of water on Heath’s side of the garage. It had been raining but it seemed like more water than just rain dripping off a car overnight. There was a white froth along all the seams in the concrete floor. And the water didn’t seem to ever go away.

When Heath was at work and his car was out of the garage I was able to more easily see the water heater. It was sitting in a pan full of water. I’m no expert but I didn’t think that was right. I didn’t see where the water was spilling over onto the floor but I knew the heater was the origin.

So Heath sent out an email to our landlord last night. This morning we got the response that someone would come over today to look at it. Luckily Heath was already working from home! Our handyman and his trusty sidekick showed up and installed a new water heater since the old one had rusted through.

Merry Christmas to us we get a new water heater. And the best part is we don’t have to pay for it! There have to be some benefits to renting.

The handyman will also fix a few other things for us. A downspout on the side of the garage blew off in a storm. That will be fixed. The handyman noticed paint peeling on the outside of the garage. That will also be fixed. He’s a weird guy but he does do a good job in taking care of us. We’re impressed with our landlord and his quick responses that we have come to expect and appreciate.

I haven’t taken the time to enjoy the Christmas Spirit this year. There have been too many other things on my mind, like planning the Christmas activities for others to enjoy. Anyway, today felt like a Christmas moment. The blessings of this day have been appreciated.