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Two snowmen are chatting in a field. One says to the other, “Funny, I smell carrots too.”

Gavin’s English teacher assigned “Frosty the Snowman Extreme Makeover!” The students were expected to act as image consultants to Frosty. They needed to create an image that was a little more appropriate for MTV.

I thought her directions were a little tricky. She wanted all of the information on one sheet of printer paper. It had to fill the entire page, including the title and author of the piece. It had to be in color. That was worth 20 points! He’s a snowman!

Not only was there supposed to be a colorful picture, the students had to write two paragraphs describing in detail the changes they had made to Frosty. Then they had to rewrite portions of the song to fit the changes made. This all had to fit on the page with the picture and the title and Gavin’s name and all that. Good luck right?

Gavin told us about the assignment and we had fun brainstorming as a family how to update Frosty’s look. I love what Gavin came up with. He made Frosty an emo! I love how this group of “crows” always seems to exist. They identify themselves by a new name every decade or so. I knew them as Goths. Short for Gothic. Now they are emotional and call themselves Emo. They are a major group as popular (or maybe a better word is well-known) as jocks and cheerleaders.

I love everything Gavin wrote. It’s perfect. Parker said, “If you don’t win your teacher is an idiot!” A bold statement but we all agree.


This is the finished product before I remembered it was supposed to be in color. So Gavin pulled out the colored pencils and made it look great. Doesn’t Frosty just look sad and pathetic? Very emo. I have to say, the song is my favorite. Black lipstick bringing Frosty to life? Hilarious. “Don’t you cry it’ll make your eyeliner run.” Too funny. Slumpity slump slump. Where does the kid come up with this stuff? Gavin is a fabulous writer. I am so impressed. He had a blast with this assignment. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

By the way, don’t steal my son’s work! Use proper attribution please.