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It has been eagerly anticipated, dreaded, and talked about for at least a week now. Based on how Wally Weatherman talked yesterday I was starting to wonder if the Mother of All Storms would be a bust for anyone south of Sonoma. Oh no. Mother Nature delivered.

The news was on much longer than usual this morning. I would laugh and say they were giving drop by drop coverage of the storm but it was an intense storm. Heath said they had video of people kayaking in a Safeway parking lot. Cars were stranded on the flooded streets all over the Bay Area. A car reportedly came down a hill and did a 360 at the bottom. If you’re going to spin out go all the way around. Then you’re facing in the right direction when you’re done!

We had wild wind all night that turned into heavy rain showers just in time for Parker to go to school. As soon as he opened his umbrella it turned inside out. He was really upset that he had to walk in such crappy conditions. I should have grabbed a jacket and put on my boots so I could walk with him. Instead I told him to put his hood on, fold up his umbrella, and run up the path. He did and seeing him run like that made my heart break. Poor little guy.

Gwen loves the rain so she had no problem with the heavy downpour she got to walk to class in. She had her hood on (so glad we found that yesterday) and tromped happily in her boots through the gates. I decided it was too windy for her to even bother with an umbrella.

Gavin left the house the same time I left to take Parker to school. I drove Gavin to the bus stop and am so glad I did. I pulled over to let him out at the bus stop. When I looked up I saw the bus on the other side of the street. It still needed to turn around in our circle but holy early bus Batman! Good thing I drove Gavin to the stop. He couldn’t have walked that fast. Although I would expect the bus to stop for him. He’s been riding every morning since school started. I would hope they recognize him by now.

Heath is working from home. He was starting to feel bad about that last night. He says we have lived in Northern California until we have become soft. But the Mother of All Storms was coming! It’s a little less impressive when the news reporters say it’s the worst storm the Bay Area has seen in the last ten years. This is the worst drought California has seen since they started measuring that stuff but it’s the worst storm in only ten years. Less impressive when you put it that way!

I’m glad Heath stayed home. I told him if I blew into Kansas I wanted him close enough to help me. The news showed several people standing around San Francisco after they were told to go home for the day due to power outages. Heath’s building was one of only a few that still had power! The last report I heard this morning there were over 80,000 PG&E customers without power. Several BART stations were closed due to power outages, including the one Heath uses. Other BART stations were closed due to the parking lot looking more like a swimming pool with all the flooding.


He’s had phone meetings all day long. Which meant I had to drive the kids to school. The sidewalks were mostly dry when I left to take Parker to school. Rain was pounding hard and wind was sweeping the huge raindrops across the roads. It was intense. But Heath had a 9:00 call so he couldn’t take Gwen to school for me.

Gwen pulled out the homework laptop and set up a little office for herself this morning! She wanted to work like Dad. She took a couple quizzes on Raz-Kids (a reading site) before I had to take her to school.


The school gets lots of puddles on any rainy day. But this picture best illustrates what the streets looked like this morning. There was pooling even on the highest parts of the road. The gutters were flooding so much that I had an impressive rooster tail splashing across the street as I drove. I couldn’t change lanes to avoid it since I needed to turn left. It was crazy!

I was also on my own to drive for my endocrinologist appointment. That only took all day. I left early thinking the rain would make the drive longer. Instead I hit every light green and got there nearly 45 minutes early! The nurse felt bad that I was bored waiting. Once she called me into a room I waited another 30 minutes for the doctor. His appointments were running late. My appointment was at 11:30 and I got home well after 1:00.

I was supposed to tutor today but yesterday Mrs. M told me I didn’t have to come in if I didn’t want to. She knew the Mother of All Storms was coming and she was trying to be nice. I appreciated it. I told her I may be depressed after seeing my endocrinologist so I may take her up on her offer to stay home. I have to pick up my kids from school no matter what. I could go early and tutor or wait till school is over. It doesn’t matter either way.

In the end I stayed home because I wanted to breathe after getting home so late and eating lunch so late. Plus I wanted to park in the back of the school to pick up my kids and not the front. If I tutored we would have sat in the parking lot forever waiting for our turn to get out. Once we do get out the street is so congested with cars. It takes 10-15 minutes longer to get home on my tutoring days than when I can park in the back.


Check out all this water! Gwen was in puddle jumping heaven. Look how deep the water was in the gravel. It’s almost covering the top of her feet.


Heath has been watching the chocolate river rage all day. He says the water level has gone up some but you can see we’re in no danger of flooding. He told his coworkers the water is about 10 feet deep. We have seen lots of interesting things floating down the river like huge logs.


He saw a mother and baby crane having a bug feast at the water’s edge. This is the baby crane.


If you look closely you can see the mom. She’s the white spot in the middle of the picture. She kept flying too far away to get a good picture.

The rain has not let up all day long. It will continue through tomorrow. We need the rain and when I don’t have to drive in it I really enjoy it. I’m happy that we’re all safe in our nice warm home. Bring on the Mother of All Storms!