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The halls have been decked but the stockings are still not hung by the chimney with care. Mostly because I keep forgetting to look in the holiday section when I’m at Target. I saw some mantel hooks I liked but I keep forgetting to buy them!

Decking the halls took several days. I’m not in the holiday spirit this year. Christmas sort of feels like it sprang out of nowhere. I have been planning Christmas activities for Primary but Black Friday came fast this year and suddenly Christmas was upon us. I wasn’t ready to decorate. Now that I have I still don’t feel all that Christmassy.


These guys do. They love helping me decorate. One year they will remember that I decorate on my own. Over the years I have become so particular about my decorations that I just can’t have help. Too many cooks! I do it my way when I feel inspired.


This little tree is kid domain. They love being completely in charge of decorating the tree with their own ornaments. Parker kept trying to pose and show me the ornaments as I snapped pictures. It was fun listening to them talk about the ornaments.

“I remember this!”
“This was from first grade!”
“Is that me when I was in Nursery?”


I love how she’s standing with her hip out. Such a little woman.

The magic of the season is still strong for my kids. I do love having an excuse to buy stuff for them. I can’t help but want to spoil my kids with gifts.

Heath and I decided that we don’t want to buy any toys this year. We have said this in the past but it doesn’t end up being reality. The problem with toys is that we have so many toys in our house. Two of the kids don’t even care about toys. After years of racking our brains trying to figure out toys our kids are interested in, I have come to the conclusion that Parker just likes new stuff and the G’s don’t care about toys.

Gavin loves technology and Gwen loves paper. Parker loves toys, particularly stuffed animals and action figures. He is actually starting to build his own creations with Legos. I think we have some good ideas for our kids based on their personalities, hobbies, and talents.

I also like to wrap practical gifts like clothes they need. Santa always brings underwear and toothbrushes. This year Santa knows not to give Gwen new underwear. She just got a new pack. I think he’ll get her footless tights instead.

The boys need new shoes. Unfortunately Parker couldn’t wait. His shoes were in too rough of shape so he’s wearing his Christmas present already. I asked if they helped him run faster for Running Club today. He said, “Not really. If they had springs in them I would be faster.”

Gwen will get a pair of rain boots for Christmas. I bought her a pair last week. She needed them with all the rain we have been getting around here lately. I just hate that California gets rain in the winter but the stores here don’t carry rain gear until spring when the rain has stopped. It’s pretty stupid.

The boots I got her were the only pair that kind of fit her. She wanted the snow boots because she thought they were cuter. They were cuter but she would have melted in snow boots. We don’t go into the mountains to see the snow. We got home and I realized her rain boots weren’t even a matching pair. One was a size 2 and the other was a size 3. I’m not kidding.

They were the only boots in that style. Somewhere out in the world a little girl has size 2 and 3 rain boots too. At least there was a left and right boot! They were on sale for less than $10 so I don’t even want to bother taking them back to complain. I found some cute boots on Amazon in her size. She can have those for Christmas.

Gavin can wait until Christmas to get his new shoes. He knows I will wrap them. I may wrap Parker’s shoes too on Christmas Eve when we’re not going anywhere! Parker now wears the same size shoe as me. Men’s size 7. Gavin jumped to an 8 1/2! He wore the fancy dress shoes I got from my Dad’s house to church yesterday. Those are a size 8. I hope they fit Gavin! He is almost as tall as me now. It’s amazing how big those boys are getting.

I bought them some do-over Christmas jeans since they needed the ones I already bought. I made sure to buy the next size up for each boy because the other jeans were almost too short!

Gwen put on a coat this morning that Parker wore for years. It’s a size 8. The sleeves are too short on her. I give up with my growing children! They are all getting so big I can’t keep up with the changing sizes. Dawn had to add length to the skirt she made for Gwen. The pattern is sizes 7-14. The 14 is too short for my 6 year old daughter!

I’m going to be the shortest one in my family sooner than I thought. My birthday was yesterday and now I feel old. I feel old, short, and depressed. So far two of my Christmas gift ideas have already been needed before Christmas. *sigh*

The halls have been decked, the trees are trimmed. The stockings are still lying in a heap. Christmas is just around the corner but it doesn’t really feel like it. Even after all the repeat shopping I have done. That’s okay, the Ghirardelli peppermint bark is certainly a welcome decoration.