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On our way to Monterey we stopped at Roaring Camp in Santa Cruz for another train ride. The boys were not super impressed the first time we did this. Gwen was so excited for the train ride as a baby. She loved trains then and continues to love them now. She didn’t believe she had really been on that train ride before. I was glad when my 2009 blog book arrived. I could show her pictures of herself.


It was such a beautiful day. I left my jacket in the car without thinking of the fact that we were taking a train ride up the mountain. It was a little chilly but nothing to complain about. Barely jacket weather.



The train always stops at the top of the mountain for a short break before heading back down.


There was a trail of decorated trees. Stars, Easter eggs, baseballs, butterflies, teddy bears. A lady was decorating while we were up there. A few trees had buckets with decorations sitting on the ground waiting to be decorated. Gwen loved all the fun Christmas trees.

After the train ride we went to the gift shop. A black cat was napping on the counter in the sun. I will admit it surprised me to see a live cat on the counter. Everyone did a double take. At least I thought everyone did. Gwen somehow must have missed seeing the large black real cat purring in the sun.

We were slowly wandering through the store browsing. The cat must have woken up and sauntered toward a curtained off portion of the store in the back. I really didn’t see what happened. All I knew was Gwen was screeching in three short bursts like some sort of siren. I jumped and pulled her toward me for a hip hug while thinking, “What the heck?” At the same time Heath and the boys were laughing. Heath was trying to tell her it was just a cat and that she must have scared the snot out of the poor creature!

After that Gwen wanted out of the store. She kept tugging on us to leave. But I saw some stick horses and had to have one. Gwen unclenched slightly when she realized I was buying a toy for her and her boys. The weird thing was the cat was still sleeping in the same place on the counter with the sun shining on it. In my mind that cat never moved. I never saw it walk into the back of the store. I just saw Gwen lose her mind and everyone else laughing about it. The cashier lady kept talking about how the cat was very sweet and would never hurt anyone.

We all have to laugh at Gwen. She loves cats. Loves them. After the store she swore she hated cats. She didn’t know what to think when we pointed out that the lovey she brought was her pink cat Sparkly from Build a Bear! Silly silly girl.