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“We won!”

This is how we were greeted when we got home from the game. I have to say, there is nothing sweeter than riding a winning high then opening the door to all three kids and the babysitter excited about the game.

Before we left, Heath told Owen what channel the game was on. He told Owen he could watch and if the kids complained that was their too bad! Apparently the kids enjoyed watching the game too. They were hoping to see us but we were sitting way too far away from any cameraman. That was such an exciting game. It was so cool to relive it with the kids and the best babysitter when we got home.

Oh that game was the best. This is the third BYU football game we have been able to see in California. It’s the first game we have won in California. And it feels awesome! Heath and I were seriously ready to not ever go to a game here again if we lost today. If we lost a third time to a game we attended then we are obviously bad luck. The spell is broken!


It’s worth noting that Bronco Mendenhall said this is the loudest the fans have ever been at any game he has coached. He appreciated all the fans. Heath has lost his voice and my throat is pretty dry and irritated. So worth it!

Our home teacher hooked us up with tickets. He sent out a text blast to several people in the ward asking if anyone wanted tickets. We were the first to respond. It’s like we’re die hard BYU fans around here. I felt so bad that he had to leave at halftime. His wife was singing in one of the performances at Temple Hill. Unfortunately the timing of the game conflicted with her performance.

We sat with a couple families from the ward. My visiting teacher’s husband was there with their 6 year old daughter. She was adorable to watch. She really got into the game and cheered like a champ. We were also surrounded by people in the stake and people related to people in our ward and stake. I love BYU fans!


The tailgate party was at Cal’s baseball field. The meal tickets were orange pieces of paper that had been ripped from a larger sheet. They were simple but did the trick.

I had to laugh a little though. We are so spoiled living where we do. Utah church members are very conservative and frugal. We live in a pretty well to do area and if our stake was in charge of meal tickets they would have been embossed with gold powder. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were monogrammed either.

We had hot dogs (one per person), a bag of chips, and a choice of soda. I’m all about the Diet Coke of course. My only choices were Coke Zero which is cloyingly sweet and caffeine free Diet Coke. I love being Mormon! I had to get a picture of my caffeine free Diet Coke. It’s such a Utah thing. After I sat down with my food is when I saw that they did have other diet soda choices. I think what I got was much more satisfying than Diet Sprite would have been.

It was fun walking through Berkeley for a game. After drinking my caffeine free Diet Coke I walked through cloud after cloud of cigarette smoke. That was interesting to me. If someone wants to smoke that’s their business. I don’t care. I don’t like breathing it but whatever. No, what fascinated me about it was the fact that Berkeley just passed a law taxing sugary soda and drinks, yet there was an extraordinary number of smokers. Aren’t both sins equal in the unhealthy department? Only in Berkeley can you be judged and taxed for drinking *gasp* juice. But you can smoke like a chimney.

I had eaten a decent snack before we left because I knew we weren’t getting much lunch and there would be a lot of walking involved. My blood sugar was in the normal range and I like to keep it high when I’m out. Oh how I’m not looking forward to explaining myself to my endocrinologist in a couple weeks.

There were signs that said no backpacks were allowed at the stadium. I’m not sure why backpacks were specifically prohibited and not any other purse or bag or tote that could also easily hide an illegal firearm or bomb. We had a backpack. After losing our two best umbrellas at the San Jose State game a couple years ago because they’re not allowed in the stadium, we weren’t going to lose another nice item. So Heath and I walked back to our car to redistribute the most vital items from the backpack into our pockets.

The ponchos were left behind. Amazingly enough the rain waited until we were in the car driving home. When we were walking back to our car after the game a guy behind us said, “The play of the day goes to the clouds!” We were all appreciative that there was no rain since it was forecasted to dump on us during the game. Then Wally Weatherman saw the storm was going to have a break. That break conveniently lasted the entire game.

Just before we left the car I checked my blood sugar. I was over 300 because of my snack and lunch that I didn’t bolus for. But I knew there would be significant walking involved so I didn’t program any extra insulin to correct the high. The stadium was located at the top of a steep mountain 100 miles away. Maybe that was a slight exaggeration. It was uphill the entire way from the parking garage to the stadium.

Heath was walking like he was training to be a speed walking champion. I had to remind him a couple times that I’m a tiny little woman compared to his long legs. It was so muggy. We were carrying our jackets and really regretting the long sleeved shirts we had layered underneath our BYU t-shirts. Then with the walk that went straight up to the dark gray clouds we were sweating like crazy.

We found restrooms when we got to the stadium. It took me much longer than Heath because it’s hard being a girl! Once I peeled off enough of my clothes to do my business I couldn’t get them back on easily. The good news is we checked our Fitbits when we got home. As of right now I have taken 12,080 steps, gone up 58 flights of stairs, and walked 5.20 miles. Heath’s Fitbit says he only went up 30 some odd flights of stairs. I think I got more credit for the steep incline to the stadium than he did.

I earned my 10,000 daily steps badge today. It’s a little deflating to realize 10,000 steps is the number of steps a person should be taking in a day. So I’m still fat and flabby and now my Fitbit is subtly telling me I’m lazy. I don’t care. We won!

So back to my blood sugar. I tested when we got to our seats and I was 180 something. Nothing like bringing my blood sugar down the natural way. I set a temporary basal rate on my pump because all I had was a pocketful of fruit snacks, some glucose tabs, and a four hour game ahead of me. Not to mention the long walk back to the car. Of course that was much easier and faster. It was all downhill.


The Cal fans were great. Everyone was very friendly. The game was close the whole time. We narrowly missed going into overtime. Cal was unlucky enough to not have a pass completed in the end zone. We were lucky enough they turned the ball over to us on downs with 10 seconds left on the clock. It was a nailbiter for sure but so much fun. A loss wouldn’t have hurt too bad since the game was tied more than it wasn’t. But it is pretty fun to win. I’m not going to lie.