Men are portrayed in the media as lazy and clueless. Women talk about men as if they are lazy and clueless.

If a guy is hot he’s still lazy and clueless.
If a guy is smart he’s still lazy and clueless.
If a guy is romantic he’s still lazy and clueless.
If a guy is athletic then for sure he is lazy and clueless.

By the way, guys can only have one positive trait. And they are still lazy and clueless.

I love this commercial because it shows a guy who is not lazy or clueless. It also reminds me of my husband. A man who is anything but lazy and clueless.

I love that he sees the world differently than I do. I see with my heart. He has the ability to separate heart from head but still use both as factors in decisions.

He never tells me not to feel the way I do. He listens to my complaints and often has brilliant suggestions to solve the problem. Most the time I don’t even know what the problem is! I’m too emotional to see it. His latest suggestion solved more than one problem and now I feel my confidence returning.

He’s the only one who knows the whole story while also knowing where my wings are. He encourages me to stand on the ledge and fly. He never judges when I don’t jump. He is patience personified.

usIs he perfect? I don’t think such a man exists. But I will say that my husband is perfect for me. He complements me better than anyone I have ever met. And he compliments me all the time! He also buys me roses for no reason. I have a beautiful bouquet I have been enjoying for days now.

When I grow up I want to be like my husband. He is the most Christ-like person I know. He’s awesome and our kids love him. Maybe he’s not perfect because no one is. But he’s my perfect.