A shirt for the paranoid.

Heath and Parker found this design online. Parker kept yelling, “That’s what I always thought!” Apparently he looks at electrical outlets and sees angry faces. It was the perfect design to put on his blank sweatshirt.

My new Cricut is really cool because of all the features it has. It has a knob you turn to tell it what it’s actually cutting – paper, cardstock, vinyl, iron on vinyl, etc. We told it we were cutting out an iron on. Heath loved the kiss feature. I just loved the fact that I didn’t have to experiment to find the right blade depth to cut at. It already knew to cut through the top layer only, known as kissing.

Heath also had a lot of fun harvesting the image. I came up with the word harvesting. Basically you peel off the excess then weed the image. Weeding is when you dig out the negative space in the letters. Then you transfer the image to your project. In our case it was the sweatshirt.

All of this was really fun and exciting. All the way until I had to iron on the image. The first time wasn’t hard. It involved a lot of the same steps as putting interfacing on fabric. I do that all the time. It got less fun each time I’ve had to iron down the corners of letters trying to come up.

I wouldn’t let Parker wear the sweatshirt to school on Friday because it was pajama day. I didn’t want there to be any association between bedclothes and his cool new sweater. Today was its debut appearance. I had to iron letters down again last night. I’m afraid half the image will come off in the wash. That will be really sad because it’s such a cool shirt for him.

Cricut did cover themselves by including a lawyeresque statement in the iron on instructions. They basically said to use the product at your own risk. They guarantee nothing. Now I know why. I’m less than impressed. Maybe it would have adhered better to different fabric but whatever. The damage is done. I’m either going to iron down the image every other day or it will all just wash off. Whatever is most inconvenient.

Based on our experience I don’t want to decorate Gwen’s jacket anymore. Her jacket will probably melt anyway since fleece is just recycled water bottles. You’re not supposed to iron it. I let her wear it to school today. She’s starting to be like her mother with all the jackets she has to choose from. Meanwhile Gavin continues to leave his jackets at school. I give up. This no locker thing is really annoying.

Last week Gwen brought home a Styrofoam plate to decorate for Thanksgiving. We used my Cricut to print and cut images to represent her thankful list. But I wasn’t happy. The plate still seemed boring. I kept rereading the instructions wondering how to be more creative with the plate. It’s not that big. Heath suggested I modge podge tissue paper on it before gluing on the images we cut.

Gwen and I sat together at my craft table with colored tissue paper and a paper bowl of watered down Elmer’s glue. We had a lot of fun turning the white plate into a sunny yellow plate with bright green trim. Then we can stick on the images. It will be cute. Hopefully it lives up to the reputation I have set for myself with that teacher. If I’m busy or tired I let the kids do their own art projects. But when it comes to first grade … I have to bring my A game. Mrs. M expects it!

On an unrelated note, I wasn’t able to go into Gwen’s class today. The little boy I tutor is on vacation this week. With two days of no school last week I could only tutor on Thursday. I was bummed to realize I wouldn’t be able to see him again until after Thanksgiving break. He’s such a cutie. He gave me a hug when I sent him back to class.

I could have used an excuse to get out of the house today. It’s been a rough weekend. I made a choice that wasn’t wrong but it was against the wishes of a Primary Presidency member. We’ll say it that way. After stressing and worrying for days I thought it would blow over by Sunday. Not so much. You would think I declared war or something. I had a lot of Diet Coke and chips today.

At least it’s a short wacky week. Heath’s parents get here on Thursday. His mom can help me craft my pervasively blah mood away. I’m looking forward to the vacation from my head.