“It’s the best book you will ever hate,” he said. My brother was right about The Book Thief.

I haven’t seen the movie. My mom said it’s good. I have a tendency to get involved with stories after they’ve had their moment in the sun. It just happens that way. Now that I have read the book I need to see the movie. It may be the only version of the story I will allow my children to know for years to come.

I bought the book for Gavin. He is not allowed to read it right now. He needs to be mature enough to handle the pervasive swearing. He also needs to have a little more education about World War II in order to even begin to appreciate the story. More life experience would help too. Although he wrote a really good narrative about what it was like to miss the last week of school “for a man he never met.”

Death narrated The Book Thief. That right there is brilliant. The imagery was amazing. The characters touch your heart. And in the end words are the most important element. I could see myself in Liesel. Particularly her relationship with words.

As if I haven’t already had enough life changing experiences, this book changed my life. I’m glad I read it when I did. It meant more to me now than it would have at the height of popularity.

It was a beautifully told story. Certainly the best book I have ever hated!