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costumesBackpacks check, homework check, costumes check, umbrellas check. It was a busy morning getting everyone ready for Halloween. There were a few extra nerves this morning since the forecast called for rain.

The principal made a robo call saying that in the event of rain the parade would be held inside. The problem with this backup plan is we live in California where the classrooms are in different buildings scattered around campus. It’s an outdoor setup. There aren’t many halls to parade through. If the parade had to be indoors there would be two parades simultaneously. The kindergarteners would join the first and second graders in one building. The rest of the kids would parade in another building. Parents were asked to watch in their child’s classroom.

I told Parker that I would watch in Gwen’s classroom so I could take off her box after the parade. Otherwise I wouldn’t have watched either one of them. I would have just gone home and avoided the crowds. He took the news well. Gwen, on the other hand, has been losing her mind for a week now. Remember the girl who worships the rain? She was so upset that Wally Weatherman forecasted rain for her Halloween parade. I kept telling her that we could make adjustments and it would still be a fun day.


She knew it would rain. We planned on rain. She wore her black Mary Janes instead of her pink ballet shoes that provide no more protection than a pair of socks. I wanted her to wear her white Sunday shoes because they matched better but Heath wisely talked me out of it. He said black doesn’t show dirt as easily and it would be a dirty day with all the rain. Looking at Gwen’s face you would think Mother Nature was sprinkling spiders rather than the rain we so desperately need! She’s a funny girl.

The bell rang and the teachers escorted their classes inside the buildings. Parents lined the hall to allow Mrs. M a chance to get her excited first graders situated. As we stood there we all asked each other where the parade was taking place. It was starting to barely sprinkle just before the teachers came for the classes. I assumed we would watch the parade inside. The principal had made two announcements between the time we arrived and the time the first bell rang, but nobody had heard either one over the festive energy.

A first grade door opened and the teacher started walking her class outside. Mrs. M opened her door and told the parents the parade would be outside and the best place to watch would be along the back field. I grabbed Gwen’s umbrella just in case and walked outside with everyone else. The sprinkles came off and on throughout the parade. It wasn’t a big deal. I was grateful for the principal’s decision because I got to see both my kids in the parade.

In all the years I have been going to these school parades I have not perfected my viewing techniques. Whether I can see over other parents heads or not I tend to point the camera and shoot. I look at the parade when I get home and see my pictures! I should just enjoy the moment but I don’t want to miss the tiny photo op window to capture my children digitally. There is never any predictable order to the classes either. So I stand there clicking my camera every so often. I don’t look through the screen. I do see the kids live but somehow I feel like I really see the parade later at home.


This is my favorite picture. I think this was a first grade class. Look at all the Frozen characters I managed to get when I only had my eye on Olaf! The little boy in the wheelchair is Sven. Very creative. Frozen characters were a dime a dozen this year. This Olaf was adorable waving at everyone and saying hi. Sven sitting in a sled is very creative.


I missed Parker’s teacher, Mrs. O. She was a roller derby girl with missing teeth. All the fourth grade teachers were dressed that way. I was happy to see Parker and his friend who dressed as Chuckie but held his mask the whole time!


Gwen and her friend Lauren. Apparently those girls are joined at the hip. I got a couple pictures of the two of them. Can you see the two bumblebees? I watched the parade with Maddie’s parents. Emily said that she bought the costume at the local Twin Sale because it’s cheaper to buy used costumes. Maddie and the other girl came to school both dressed as bumblebees. They laughed and laughed because they didn’t know the other would be a bee! I love the scarecrow too. Her head pokes through her shirt.


Maddie is reaching out for her little brother’s hand. Emily said that Maddie insisted on having striped legs. So Emily wrapped tape around her legs. She wasn’t sure if Maddie could actually use the restroom in the costume. She assumed everything would come down but maybe not go back up! Luckily it was a short day.


Cindy Lou Who, Mrs. V as Merida, and Mrs. H as a mad scientist.
Mrs. V is a redhead. I asked if she grew her hair out for the costume. She played along quite well tossing her wig and telling everyone that it was all her hair! The kindergarten teachers were all Disney princesses. Mrs. H is the science teacher. A mad scientist was a great choice of costume for her.


The first two girls were so cute. They waved at everyone. I love the vending machine costume. I should have mentioned it to his mom. We walked up the path together to pick up our kids in the pouring rain. She went on and on about how creative and well done Gwen’s costume was. She asked, “Is it your daughter that was dressed as the ballerina in a jewelry box?” Mrs. M was impressed with Gwen’s costume too. It reminded her of the good old days when everyone wore homemade costumes.


Love the clown in the clown car. The giant candy corn made of foam is impressive. I didn’t even see the hot dog until I got home. Super cute.


The first grade teachers were jellyfish with streamers coming off their white umbrellas. I like the aquarium costume too.


I don’t know what the girl in the middle with the hamburger is. I just thought it was cute. Do you see the frozen Elsa? Emily and I were laughing that all the little girls dressed as Frozen characters seemed to be shivering in the cold. Elsa was the one who sang that the cold never bothered her anyway. At least until she lived in Northern California when it made her soft!


After the parade I talked to Emily for a little longer. Then I headed for Gwen’s classroom to relieve her of her box. The classroom was empty. I found a lot of classes still out on the blacktop just dancing around to music. When they lined up I snapped a couple shots of Gwen and Lauren just being a whole lot of Gwen and Lauren. Cute girls.


I didn’t get the best angle for the class pictures. I didn’t even know they posed for these pictures. First graders are so fun.

Now it’s all over. The parade wasn’t rained out after all. I did keep my umbrella open the whole time. Umbrella in left hand, camera in right. It was just easier that way. Gavin will bring himself home soon. Heath’s training ended early so he will be home soon. The kids already got candy at the Trunk or Treat. We will show off their costumes to our neighbors. Other than that I say let it rain!

Rain, rain, rain. We need more than a sprinkling of Halloween Magic around here.