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garlic pumpkin 001

“Around Halloween there are many scary and creepy things. I know because I’ve seen one. It was like an oval covered in wrapping paper. In the darkness it glowed like the white part of the eye looking at me. When I went over to touch it, it looked ripped and gross, and the worst part was…THE SMELL! It smelled like pizza or spaghetti! Ugh! When I did touch it felt like crumbled up paper. After that I didn’t take any more chances, so I ran for the hills. If you are a vampire like me you should do the same.”

Parker’s class was asked to decorate a pumpkin without carving it. Then they had to write a descriptive paragraph about their pumpkin. The pumpkins will be smuggled into class in paper bags and the paragraphs will be turned in. While the kids are at recess the teacher will display the pumpkins around the room and then read the paragraphs for the kids to identify the pumpkins. I think it is the cutest Halloween assignment ever.

We had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas. Parker wanted to make his pumpkin look like a rat. It seemed more tricky than any of us were willing to put in the effort for. I think it was Gavin that suggested an onion which is when the lightbulb lit up above our heads. Garlic would be much more interesting than an onion because of its role in Halloween lore. All it took was one sheet of tissue paper folded in half and wrapped around the pumpkin to make a head of garlic. I love the results!