Tis the season for chills and thrills. Try on these shivering stories for size.

I was lounged back in my reclining wing back chair. Outside there was buzzing of yard maintenance tools. Occasionally the house would snap and pop as it settled in the warming sun. Some noise but generally silence enveloped me.

I had just turned the page and read a line or two when a voice started chattering away. It sounded like a radio commercial. The sound had to be coming from the boys room. They have the only other alarm clock in our house. Why it was set to come on shortly after noon is beyond me. While the voice surprised me I calmly put my bookmark back in place and leaned forward to stand up.

The radio turned off.

That’s when the goosebumps threatened to emerge. I refused to get scared. I also refused to get up and investigate. I continued reading for a while and then got up for lunch. The experience reminded me of a similar moment from my childhood.

I didn’t have a fancy alarm clock then. Just a turquoise blue with black trim mini boom box. It plugged into the wall next to my bed and was pushed under my bed when not in use.

There was nothing digital about this radio. It had small gray square buttons. Other than the volume buttons, the buttons had to be clicked into position. The volume buttons (I don’t remember why there were two but there were) slid up and down next to white dashes painted onto the plastic. I always kept the volume low. Even when my parents weren’t home and a song I liked came on in the middle of the day I never slid those buttons higher than the third dash.

One morning at that eerie time between the gray of night and the beginning of day, my radio turned on. Loudly.

“Tristan! What are you doing? Turn it off!” my sister was not amused.
“I didn’t turn it on.”

Terrified out of my mind I had to slide my hands out from under the safety of my blankets and turn my radio off. I yanked the plug out of the wall. Later when I got up for the day I saw the button had never clicked out of the off position. Cue Twilight theme song.

I have the vaguest of memories of a metal spoon being stirred violently against a metal bowl in the wee hours of morning. That house was haunted. I swear it was. We were always seeing things or hearing things that just didn’t make sense.

A few years later we were living with my grandparents. Candi and I were in the laundry room for some reason. The room was the only unfinished part of the basement. Wooden storage shelves were just inside the doorway. Then you would walk through this narrow hallway past the standing freezer and into a more open room of laundry. An ironing board and clothes were on the opposite side of the washer and dryer. Just past the washer and dryer was a roughed in doorway that led to a small storage room where my grandma stored canned food.

It seems like we were roller blading in there or something. As we got past the freezer I saw a man’s back disappear into the storage pantry. It scared the snot out of us. My mom told me I was not allowed to talk about it or any other strange happenings again. My sister was young and it had really bothered her.

After lunch today I did finally go into the boys room to check out their alarm clock. Both alarms were switched to the off position. Which makes me glad I go in there every morning to wake them up. Though it does not explain the strange radio commercial snippet I heard. Cue Twilight theme song.