I was starting to get pretty irritated that I hadn’t seen Gavin’s school pictures yet. I found my emailed receipt that showed that I placed the online order on August 27th. That was kind of a long time ago! Since Gwen and Parker’s pictures showed up with an apology from the photographer for the delivery delay, I was peeved that Gavin’s pictures were MIA.

Time to start demanding some answers. I filled out a form online explaining the situation. An email immediately came saying that someone would get back to me within two days. Yesterday was two days.

The response showed up just before I had to pick up kids from school. The response really made me mad because the guy was asking for information I had filled out on the form. Read it! Unimpressed I typed my displeasure to Heath when I forwarded the message to him.

As soon as I hit send my heart dropped. Did I hit forward or reply? I was frantically hitting buttons on my phone trying to figure out what just happened. My phone was uncooperative. As far as I could tell there is no way of checking sent messages on my phone. All I could see was the arrow pointing backwards indicating I had sent the message to someone. But who?

The kids chattered away about their day. I was completely distracted and barely acknowledged anything they said. It felt like we couldn’t get home fast enough for me to check the sent messages on the computer. Finally I pulled up the sent folder. Just as I suspected I had hit reply and not forward. Oh no.

My heart was racing. I could not feel worse about my mistake. So I quickly called the 800 number listed in the email to try to figure things out over the phone. After being on hold for an extraordinary amount of time when I knew I needed to leave for the church soon, I was finally able to talk to someone.

I’m not very nice on the phone. This is why I prefer to email messages. Or make Heath call people. He’s much nicer than me. I did not hide any displeasure I was feeling with the woman I talked to. Although I tried to remain somewhat calm! We went around in circles it felt like and the clock kept ticking. I needed to get to the church for the Primary Program Practice.

The lady put me on hold to talk to her supervisor since she could not find the middle school in their system. She came back and said that her supervisor finally found the school but they had not done business with that school since 2007. She suggested I call the school to figure out what happened. Oh what fresh hell is this! In a very caustic tone I told her that was awesome. I was so glad that I gave her company $60 online for a bogus offer. That’s just awesome. And I hung up.

Today I printed the receipt to make it easier for myself to call the school on Monday. That’s when Heath pointed out that there was a different company name on the receipt than the company I had yelled at. Oh no. Still, where were my pictures I purchased months ago?

Guess what came in the mail today?