Gwen 1st gradeParker 4th grade

School pictures arrived yesterday. Look at my cute kids! You would never know Gwen was sick the day before and I was sick with worry over whether or not to send her to school. They both look good. Where is Gavin’s picture? Good question.

I paid for his pictures online at least a week before I paid for the other two kids. The pictures should have been mailed to our house. I have yet to see them. I have asked Gavin if pictures were passed out at school. He says no. I’m still waiting to hear back from the company about it. I made sure to note that my elementary school kids pictures arrived with an apology from the company for being delayed. So where are my middle schooler’s pictures? I guess we’ll see. I still have my receipt to prove I paid.

Gavin has been wearing his gym clothes to school. He has PE first period and when it’s over he puts on normal clothes for the rest of the day. Today he came home wearing cargo shorts and his gym shirt. The shirt I labeled on the tag with his last name, but he took it upon himself to write his first and last name in Sharpie on the front! In his defense there is a white space across the front of the shirt for his name.

I asked why he had his gym shirt on thinking maybe he forgot to pack a regular shirt. He just said he forgot to change it. He didn’t seem bothered at all by it. Which means I should just get over it. It’s hard when it is so obvious to anyone there that he was wearing a school issued gym shirt with his first and last name proudly scrawled on the front. “Hi I’m in 6th grade, can you tell!” Dude! You can’t wear a sweaty gym shirt all day and act like nothing is wrong.

Actually I’m a little jealous of anyone who is so laid back. I wonder what it’s like to just not care?

A couple days ago we had a drizzly afternoon. This attracted Canadian geese to the back field after school. The birds wander around the field in the winter mornings, pecking for bugs and worms. Green and white broken crayon sized bird doots litter the pathway. The birds were out hunting for a snack this particular afternoon.

As I turned the corner I saw a young girl standing at the edge of the geese. Her arms were outstretched as she stood there in her lavender raincoat. It was a touching scene and I wished I could stop the car in the middle of the street to get a picture. I parked my car and looked back at the girl.

She had come out of her quiet trance and suddenly began chasing the birds. A maniacal look was on her face. Kids chasing birds can be cute. This was not.

Students poured onto the playground with the final bell. They started trickling through the back gates. Normally kids scatter outside those gates. Handfuls of kids will cross the grass to meet their carpool. Many stay on the paths. This day all the kids seemed drawn to the grass as if by some invisible force.

They headed straight for the birds with mischief in their eyes. Kids ran straight for the middle of the flock laughing as the birds scattered. Unsatisfied, the kids divided to conquer the offending geese by chasing them one by one until the birds jumped or waddled quickly away.

From the left a boy rode his bike across the grass. No one ever rides their bikes on the grass. This boy was also possessed by some evil desire to scare the goose poop out of the birds. He rode right at two birds slightly separated from their friends. Luckily he stopped short of hitting them but he did laugh when the birds hopped up and extended their wings.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something black fly out of a boy’s hands and nearly hit a goose. Where were the parents? My hand jumped to the door handle but a thought restrained me. In a fraction of a second, without so many words, I knew if I got out to say anything to those barbaric children, the parents would materialize out of thin air and they would be mad at me for talking to their kids. I sat and stared in horror at the melee.

A girl and boy walked in front of me to get into the car directly in front of me. The car with the dog wagging its tail inside and the woman sitting at the wheel also watching every second of bird terrorism. I was relieved I hadn’t gotten out of my car. Just as I started to wonder if maybe I was making too much out of nothing the boy threw the black object at another bird. Since he was much closer to me I could see it was a compact umbrella folded up. Shocked I looked to the woman in the car. She was smiling and laughing with the kids. The kids checked their soles for goose poop. Satisfied they were clean, they got in the car and drove off.

What just happened? Did I really witness that?

When I got home I told Heath. When he was as bothered as me I knew I needed to report it to the principal. Supposedly district policy says teachers have two days to respond to parents. It’s been two days. I have heard nothing from the principal. I doubt I ever will. She hasn’t ever responded to my messages to her. I’m less than impressed. I hope to never see it again but Heath suggested I get video next time. Stay away from the field on wet afternoons Canadian geese!

Today I was parked behind a woman who looked just like the girl playing with the soccer ball. I kept looking at the girl trying to imagine her hair out as she systematically chased geese. It looked just like her. The sister to the umbrella hurler. Soon the boy showed up. It was the same brother and sister. They were definitely the children of the woman in front of me. Whoever picked them up from school the other day was not their mother. Must be why the woman seemed so oblivious to their savage behavior!

The boy was standing next to the car kicking a rock today. He kicked the rock straight up into the air. The mom yelped out the boy’s name, “Jake!” Gravity hurtled the rock onto the front of the car where it hit and bounced off. All three got into the car at that point. Mom didn’t look upset. They drove off and that was that.

Again I have to wonder what it’s like to just not care.