I try not to be that mom that worries all the time. The mom who watches the news and freaks out because she has kids. In the end I am still a mom. Freaking out comes with the territory. The need to protect is innate and very strong.

I’m sure you’ve seen the news. The Ebola virus is rampant. I’m less worried about that. The one illness that has me secretly terrified is the Enterovirus. I think I would be fine but when the news anchors read the copy as if it’s straight out of a Steven King novel then add an asthma twist, they have my attention. I’m worried.

While Enterovirus is not the flu it has flu like symptoms. I’m not messing around with the flu this year. I have had my fill of the flu over the last couple of years. It’s time I play by the rules and get the stupid flu shot already. If anyone in the family still ends up with the flu I will be very put out. When the kids were babies I would get them a flu shot with a well baby checkup. They still got the flu. The years I decided not to do the shot they were fine. We’ll see what happens this year.

Gavin’s doctor talked me into having him get the HPV shot. I am very much against it because what I understand of this vaccination is it prevents sexually transmitted diseases. My family’s standards are different from the rest of the world when it comes to sexual activity. Before I could say anything the doctor said he knew it was a controversial vaccine but he wanted to push it because it prevents cancer or something like that. Fine. Who am I to argue? Give my kid the stupid shot.

It comes in three installments! His second dose was scheduled for this week. Which was nice because I may not have gone out of my way to take my kids in for flu shots otherwise. I got one too.

Gavin’s flu shot was easy. We checked in with pediatrics and said he needed shots. The lady sent us across the hall to pediatric injections. The vampire there asked if he needed a flu shot too. She stood across the room to throw her syringes into my human dartboard of a son. Bulls eye both times. Just kidding. It was quite easy for him. She told me the rest of us had to register in the other building for our flu shots. I thought that was a little lame. I mean really, two of us were kids! You got the juice right here, shoot em up!

Instead I nicely escorted my entourage of ducklings into the other building to fill out three forms. One for each of us. Then wait in line. Because Gwen is 6 years old she was able to snort her vaccine. The lady told me that Parker could not. He was 9 years old, therefore too old. Not to mention the biggest no no of all being that I checked that he has asthma on his form. Crap. I couldn’t remember if asthma meant he could have the nasal mist or not. Apparently not.

He was a good sport about it though. We all have latex chicken egg soup swirling around inside. Hopefully it means none of us will have the flu this winter. And I am hoping against hope that Parker does not even come close to contracting Enterovirus. Given how hard it is on the respiratory system I don’t think our little guy could make it.

I just finished reading The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis. Great book. I loved how Michael Oher described the white world. He said white people worry about so many things. They go to the doctor for everything. He said if someone sprains their ankle they go to the hospital! Just walk it off, he said. It’s true. White people have created a bubble to live in. Outside is certain death.

I’m white. I live in the bubble though I try not to. My kids mean the world to me and I have to do whatever I can to protect them from crazy illnesses that exist outside the bubble. Since we live in the bubble we are not equipped with the physical strength to withstand anything outside the bubble. So we got our flu shots after years of refusing to. I’m ready to stop registering to vote but that’s a whole other story.