Weekend carnage litters my home. It looks like a clutter war zone. Upstairs isn’t nearly bad as downstairs so it was easy to leave the house this morning with promises to clean up later. Now it’s later and I find myself in my office with the invisible walls relaxing to the clicking of my fingers on the keys with no names. Who needs a clean house?

It’s been another full day. Is it just me or does every day feel like a week and every week feel like a year? Will life ever slow down? Probably not. I’m on a continual countdown to the end of time. One of the crafts offered at our annual Fantastic Friday Relief Society activity was a countdown chalkboard. Blank days until blank. I thought that would be too depressing.

After Heath took the kids to school for me we went to Men’s Wearhouse to buy him new suits. He got some new work shirts, ties, socks, and a blazer for business trips. My stylin man!

We found an Italian restaurant nearby for lunch. It was so good! Per dating tradition we grocery shopped last. We put away Costco stuff before getting kids from school.

Picking up kids was a fun adventure. We recently found out that the movie Meet the Mormons would be in our theater for an extended period of time. We wanted to go on Friday but didn’t have the time and then I was gone all day Saturday. We wanted to get into an early showing.

I sent Gavin off to school this morning without confirming our plans for the movie after school. We never discussed where we would meet him after school so I figured he would just take the bus as usual.

He gets out ten minutes after Gwen and Parker get out. Heath drove from the elementary school to the middle school with the hopes that we could intercept Gavin before he got on the bus. Unfortunately there are no stopping signs all over that street. We circled the block the school is on over and over trying to figure out how to get to the buses to pull our kid off! The last time we came around the buses had left.

There are two left turn lanes. Gavin’s bus was in the right left lane and we happened to be right next to it in the left left lane. But it was one of those buses with the stupid picture ads that block all the windows. Parker and Gwen were waving wildly hoping Gavin could see us. When we turned Heath worked his way over so he would be right in front of the bus on its route through the neighborhoods. Parker kept his eye on the bus waiting for it to put on a blinker to pull over at a stop.

Heath saw the bus pulling over so he turned around in a cul de sac. Gavin came running towards us. I was impressed. I wasn’t sure if he would ever notice it was us and try to get off. If we had to wait for him to get home we would have been late to the movie. As it was we had 20 minutes before showtime.

We expected a fairly empty theater for a 3:50 pm showing of Meet the Mormons. Three people were sitting in the middle of the theater and started laughing when Heath got around the corner and said, “Wow. Where in the world should we sit?” He walked right up to these people and I feel stupid it took me until we got up to them to recognize them! They used to be in our ward. She was my first visiting teacher here and Heath taught her oldest son in Deacon’s Quorum.

We ended up sitting all together on the same row. As Lisa and I were deep in conversation a couple walked in and we all had to laugh. It was another couple from our ward. He has a PR type calling and we learned about the movie showing in our theater from him! He was the one who sent out an email to the stake informing everyone that the movie had been extended through the week. Originally it was only supposed to be in our theater for the weekend but after selling out all weekend they extended the time. He and his wife (who hadn’t seen it yet) sat in front of us.

It was a great movie. I thought it was well done, interesting and inspiring. Lisa and I started crying at the story of the homeless teenage mother. It was a powerful story. I reached over to pat Lisa’s leg knowing the story brought up some painful emotions because of the divorce she’s going through. She grabbed my hand and squeezed hard until the story was over. Later we all went to dinner together at 5 Guys.

I’m glad we ran into them today. We haven’t seen them in a long time and it was nice to reconnect. It’s always nice to be a silent support to someone who needs it.

The kids worked on homework when we got home and somehow my house didn’t clean itself. *sigh* It was a fun day.