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the more we grow up.
the less we move out.
and the more okay I am with all of it!

Heath used to get “mad” at me when I would watch HGTV. The shows reminded him that we are not homeowners and that he misses it. I do too.

“I just watch for design ideas,” I would always say. As if I was some sort of HGTV junkie rationalizing my behavior. I can quit anytime! That’s not true which is why I never say that. He’s been watching with me more lately. We dream about the future and make plans as if life is just that easy.

Over the last several months we have started nesting for some reason. I think for all these years we have lived with one foot out the door. I don’t know what changed. Maybe nothing more than our attitudes. The more shelves we put up and the more we did, the more we felt like we were at a crossroads. Either all this “moving in” means we will be moving out soon or we are settling into where we are supposed to be.

The Lord led us here. I feel like He still needs us here. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon. But our house is awesome. Our neighborhood cannot be beat. The ward (church congregation) we live in is filled with angels. After all our nesting, I am quite content to stay as long as the Lord needs us here.


I love the bench/sofa I got from my dad. We had to change our bedding since the silver we had clashed. Now we have this very rich blue brocade paisley pattern. Between the headboard we made a couple years ago, the bench, and now the bedding, I feel like an adult. This is a grownup’s room! I almost forget that we had a baby gate blocking the doorway for a couple years.


On the other side of the room is our sitting area. After years and years of searching for the perfect chairs, the sitting area is complete. I’m not kidding when I say we have been searching for chairs for years. I have always been drawn to the wingback chair style. But every time I found a chair I loved at first sight it ended up being uncomfortable to sit in.


Who would have ever thought that La-Z-Boy would have my chairs! We found a section of wingback chairs that I thought were pretty. We sat down and were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they were. Then our salesman (the same guy who sold us our family room furniture) told us these chairs also recline. Shut up! It’s true.

The problem was I hated the fabric. There was a card of fabric options attached to one chair. I hated all of those options too. Mr. Tim is my favorite salesman in the whole wide world! He told us that we could custom make our chairs. He took us to a wall of fabric swatches and told us which sections of fabric we could choose to cover our chairs. There were about 100 choices.

Heath actually picked out the fabric. He loved the ghosting effect. Like the designs were lightly stamped on. I really liked the colors. It was all very soothing. We picked the leg color and design along with the fabric. We waited for.ev.er for these chairs to finally arrive. They could not be more perfect in the room. It’s hard to see all the colors in photos but these chairs tie in the whole room. Every color we have in the room is found in these chairs. An HGTV designer would be so proud of us! Comfortable and gorgeous. These chairs are perfect.

We really had to wait quite a while for our custom made chairs. We went back to La-Z-Boy to check on the status. Heath suggested we do a lap to look for another side table. My dad’s table is so beautiful but it needed a friend. I still don’t regret not taking the matching table from my dad’s house. The matching table was the masculine version of the one I got. It was shorter and the legs were heavier while being more ornate. I really didn’t like it.


This is the table I chose. I really thought I took more pictures of it. I liked the knickknack shelving. The table spins so I can easily switch out which dust collectors are most visible. My dad’s chess set sits on top. The best part about the table was it was sold as is. It was a floor model for a steal of a deal. It was the perfect color with the perfect way to display all the stuff I got from my dad along with all my stuff I have had in storage for so long.


We have also been shopping for a new kitchen table and chairs for years. It went from being a nice wish to becoming a bit of a necessity. The table is older than dirt and has provided so much service for our family … and Heath’s family. It finally got tired. One of the kids was standing up on a chair and accidentally fell backwards. The table caught the kid but at the price of breaking a little. We’re lucky it didn’t break completely. But it has been sagging in the middle ever since. I have been holding my breath waiting for the table to crush under the weight of my skinny kids eating with us at a standard meal.

For over a year now we have been poking our heads into Bassett to look for tables. At first it was for the fun of it then, like I said, it was a necessity. The last time we went there Heath was serious. He told me to start picking out what I wanted and we were going to pull the trigger on buying a new dining set. The salesman was the nicest guy. I wanted to work with him and give him the commission but I walked out of there ready to throw up.

I knew the prices were high but that wasn’t the only problem. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong but I was literally sick to my stomach at the thought of buying a table and chairs from there. The next weekend we went to other furniture stores where I found tables that were much closer to my style. Still I didn’t love any of them.

Two weekends ago we went to a furniture store that somehow we had missed. It’s closer to our house than any other furniture store. We walked in just for kicks. And I fell in love. When we sat down at the table I knew what was wrong with all the other tables. I was settling. Settling on a dining set for $2000 is one thing. Settling to the point of compromising on a set for nearly twice the price made me sick to my stomach.



This gorgeous piece of furniture was on sale and delivered today! Nice turn around! If our salesman hadn’t been sick I wonder if it could have been delivered last weekend with our sitting room chairs. The wait was worth it.

I love it. I love how it’s so huge and fills our tiny breakfast nook without looking weird like our other table did. Maybe that’s just my opinion. I think it has a stunning presence.

Heath worked from home so he could be here when it was delivered. I have been driving all over town doing visiting teaching, picking up kids from school, and carpooling to scouts. He staged the table with our Halloween candles and some nice placemats. Gwen came home and made green name tags for everyone!


We bought extra chairs for when we have guests. It’s nice to not have to rely on folding chairs for company. I’m trying not to brag but it’s coming out that way. We paid $1500 for the table plus eight chairs. The company paid the sales tax after giving a 25% discount on the total purchase. I feel all grown up now.

Who knows what the future holds for our family. All I know is that the Lord wanted us here and He’s not ready for us to leave yet.