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Diamonds glitter in the sunlight. A twinkling reminder of the blessed rainstorm this morning.

In the middle of the night I woke to a low constant rushing sound. It took a minute to recognize the sprinklers. In my half asleep stupor I could have sworn I had heard the sprinklers many times this week. I started to worry that we were wasting water. That precious commodity I had been praying to fall from the sky. I could be right I could be wrong. Eventually I went back to sleep. (Later I checked and we only have the sprinklers set to come on twice a week as prescribed for our area. Sleep does funny things to minds.)

A couple hours later I awoke again. This time to the tell tale tapping of rain. My heart soared at the beautiful sound. Unfortunately I only had ten minutes before the alarm would arrest sleep for good. For a few magical minutes I enjoyed the sound of the rain. The window was open and I opened the blinds all the way to let more cool air in as well as my favorite smell. Who cares if the smell of rain is really decomposing matter. It smells wonderful!

The kids were so excited to find their long pants this morning. Gavin wanted to dig out his PE sweats. I had to tell him it was only 60 degrees outside. Not much cooler than a normal morning. The sun came out later and we hit 75 degrees for a high.

Gwen was so disappointed that the rain faucet was barely dripping by the time she had to go to school. She proudly took her umbrella anyway. She also opened and closed it several times as I drove away. The water sprite within was back. How unfair that the storm had already passed. Even more unfair were my instructions to not jump in puddles. She doesn’t have any rain boots. Mary Janes weren’t going to keep her feet dry enough for puddle jumping.

I like to believe the gray sky and ground fed her soul a little bit anyway. I know they did mine.

After school was a parade of colorful twirling umbrellas. Gwen was not the only kid celebrating. The kids pranced and pirouetted through the field and down the path. Like a synchronized water dance, umbrellas would open wide, slowly spinning through the air. At the same time different umbrellas closed with an artistic twirl at the hip. For a few beats the closed umbrellas were used as walking sticks. Soon the open umbrellas closed and the closed umbrellas swung open and were tipped behind heads like a parasol.

Other than the sunshiny rain dance of the parasols, the only indication of this morning’s substantial rainstorm is the diamonds on the leaves. Wally Weatherman is calling for more rain tomorrow. We can’t wait!