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The crunchy brown leaves have been swirling from the trees for weeks now. They are brown and crunchy from a combination of intense sunshine with no rain. Temperatures have stayed content in the 80’s. That may be changing soon with a promise of rain. Oh please let it rain!

Stores have long since taken down summer fashions to make room for their fall lines. Plaid clothes in snuggly textures and heavier fabrics. I tried to take advantage of the discounted shorts and t-shirts as I back to school shopped for my kids. We tend to wear shorts until Halloween if not till Thanksgiving. Discounted clothes look like rejects on every front. Ill fitting and ugly. There’s a reason why they weren’t snatched up sooner.

Some years I want to protest the onset of fall. Other years the smell of freshly sharpened pencils beckons for trendy jackets and warm soup. This is one of those years.

I have been faithfully smearing self tanning lotion almost daily for a month now. August came with the end of a long summer for me. Somehow I wasn’t outside absorbing Vitamin D and having the natural results to show for it. Self tanner kept my secret. I want to quit but every time I miss a day or two my skin looks orange and splotchy. Besides that I don’t like how my legs look like they were spun from filmy spiderwebs when I wear skirts and dresses to church.

Soon I will give in to my need for change and put the shorts away. The self tanner won’t be as important to me when I’m in jeans every day. It’s probably time to trade my flip flops for real shoes. I see other ladies already transitioning to fall. They look so cute. I’m so ready for summer to be over.

Bring on the wind, the rain, and the chilly mornings. Bring on festive decorations and the smell of baking bread. It’s time for the basket of blankets in the family room to be used to nestle under while watching movies, rather than to build forts with or dress up in.

We have battened down the hatches of our yard. The pool has been shoved in a plastic box because there’s no way of folding it neatly! The box sits on top of the outdoor carpeting we put down over layers of sand for a softer pool bottom. It’s also easy to stop doing yard work since we haven’t done much this summer anyway. Radio commercials suggested we let our grass grow long to be more drought tolerant. How could I not follow that advice? Every two or three weeks we would cut back on the scraggly grass seed.

I’m looking forward to the problem of Gwen not having a rain coat that fits. I really want to wear fuzzy sweaters just for a change. I would melt but the idea sounds wonderful. For now I will settle for long sleeved shirts. My t-shirts are getting boring. I want to grocery shop in high heeled boots and a leather jacket because it’s fall and I can.

My dad’s house sold yesterday. All that is left is selling his car. Hopefully that doesn’t take long. Maybe this need for a change in scenery is a need to move on from summer and all the pain that came with it.

If only I could blow the summer away on a kiss into the wind. Then the rains could fall and wash everything away leaving the earth, as well as my mind, clean and fresh.

By February I will be ready for spring. The days will start to get longer. Blossoms will burst with hope. I will be ready for fall and winter to end to welcome spring and summer. For now I want to cuddle under a blanket with a good book after closing in the walls of my home with holiday decorations.

The sun will come out tomorrow. For now I’m ready for a change.