Wally Weatherman forecasted rain for the first time in nine months or more. The kids were so excited about the rain. I was too. Unfortunately we don’t live in the Napa Valley which seems to be the only place that ever gets rain when Wally Weatherman forecasts it. Still I held on to hope.

There was no evidence of rain. The roads were dry. Gwen checked the grass and was so excited that it was wet. Probably from the sprinklers. The weird thing was that when I got to the school the ground was wet. It wasn’t like sprinklers gone wild all over the sidewalks. The roads were completely wet too. Silly microclimates. There were also sprinkles on my windshield. Not enough to even dirty the glass or turn on the wipers, but noticeable sky spit.

Gwen was beside herself. “THE DROUGHT IS OVER!” She kept exclaiming! Ah the faith of a child. If only sprinkles so few you could count them would be enough to end the drought.

She also believes the splash pads will be turned back on now. I was talking to a city landscaper recently who said the splash pads will never be turned on again. It wastes too much water. He said something about having the same amount of water storage that we had in the 1950’s. Think of how many more people there are now. Basically he painted a picture of how little water we actually have. Like next to nothing. Two drops at best.

The clouds are playing peek-a-boo with the sun today. That’s a Gwennyism from when she was 2 or 3. I love days like this. The weather in California is spectacular, but every once in a while I miss the clouds. A friend described California’s weather by saying that when the rain stops the sun comes out. It’s true. There are rarely gray, moody days. Last night Parker noticed the clouds hugging the mountains. He said, “Look at the clouds in the clouds!” We laughed about his silly mistake.

It’s muggy today. Our overnight lows were warm. It was 70 degrees in San Francisco before 7:00 am. That’s crazy warm. The clouds kept the temperatures up. Our house never cooled down overnight and the A/C has been running off and on all day. It usually doesn’t come on until later in the afternoon.


This is what Heath saw on his way to work this morning. A double rainbow. Maybe it’s good luck that one day we too will get enough rain to declare the drought over. Keep praying for us!