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Eating a snack before sealing herself up to be shipped to Grandma’s house.


This was a Singing Time activity the kids used in Primary on Sunday. The music leader had printed the pictures and cut out only the mouths. The kids put their mouths through the holes to sing and it was hilarious. I was laughing so hard.


Parker is in the middle of the left picture. Gavin is second from the right in the second picture.


Here is Gwen in the yellow dress. The pictures aren’t great but they still crack me up.


I love this shot. The kids were cracking up as much as I was. Believe it or not they did sing well with the pictures. It was in between songs that they made silly faces. Most of the kids anyway. Laura is such a creative music leader.


Clean under the fridge much? One Saturday the cleaning bug bit me and for some reason I had Heath move the fridge. We found this crayon wrapped in a dust bunny under the fridge. So gross!


I just don’t think I ever posted this picture. This is my packing matrix so I knew everyone had what they needed for our Northwest trip.


And this is just one of my favorite pictures of Gwen. I have had it sitting on my desktop for months but haven’t put it in a post yet. Her hair is slowly starting to grow back. I miss having it long like this.